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Zhengzhou Railway Station "Daniel service post": "punching bag" turned "brand Gang" — Henan branch network — people.com.cn beam Daniel in work Li Jing photo people.com.cn October 7 Zhengzhou Xinhua (Xin Jing) "it is difficult to find," Daniel Daniel "Zhengzhou Railway Station service post in the foreman who under the leadership of Liang Dandan, extended by consultant service the sick and helping to provide private custom for the disabled," Daniel method "will be" punching bag "into a brand service post, for the people to solve problems. See Liang Dandan, she just send a disabled passengers on the train, "Daniel returned to service post before drink slobber, several men have gathered around," your station is late, what happened? What time can open? Late so long is not to compensate us? "The words full of anger. "I’m sorry, several of you, don’t worry. I see your trips, I can change to another car." Liang Dandan smiled at them, but several passengers complained to her for more than and 10 minutes before leaving. "We have a lot of time on this post is." Liang Dandan said, the Zhengzhou Railway Station passenger transport about 200 thousand passengers every day, every day hundreds of times, consulting and other special guests pick Laoruobingcan dozens of times, you need to be careful, patience and kindness. Liang Dandan Li Jing taken to help the elderly 35 year old Liang Dandan in early 2013 by the inspector transfer to the Advisory Service Station, in November 3rd of the same year is her birthday, her lover with a birthday cake to the service desk, but saw a passenger is pointing to Daniel abuse, suddenly picked up the cup on the table, and slammed in on the ground, this cup is the daughter gave her mother a birthday gift. See this scene, he was very angry, was about to come forward with the theory of passengers, but was stopped by Liang Dandan’s eyes moist. "Don’t worry, I’m fine, since I am in this post, we should do it well, you go back first." "That is because the train was late, Zhengzhou Railway Station is the old train station, most trains belonging to the ordinary train delays often occur, some of the passengers had to vent their dissatisfaction with the US, the service station door kicked several times. We also understand, but we can do is to persuade or propose other such as change travel plan." Liang Dandan said. In the face of negative energy, Liang Dandan always with patience, smile to face. On the other hand, she was moved from time to time by the passengers. Opened in Zhengzhou’s Zheng Min lower limb disability, but adopted 3 orphans, she often travel, each trip she will call to Daniel, reservation station. She is very diligent, optimistic, caring, and every time to chat with her are full of positive energy." Liang Dandan said. "Their service makes us vulnerable groups feel very warm, very warm." Zheng Min said. The Spring Festival last year, Liang Dandan received the "send to Shandong Ningyang" package, opened a bag of jujube, accompanied by a note: "girl Hello, I lost in the Zhengzhou Railway Station and the family last year, you help me to find their loved ones. Thank you, happy New Year! – Guo Liyou". "Care, pay will be rewarded. In the past, many people think that we are ‘iron boss’, the service attitude of health, cold, hard, and now our service相关的主题文章: