Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 extension line began trial operation is expected to open before the Spring Fe-tsumori chisato

Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 extension line began trial operation is expected before the Spring Festival opened 1 line extension line test operation mapping network news (reporter Ruan Haifeng Ventura) in September 20th 11 in the morning, with the first column electric bus pulled out Kaixuan Road parking lot, enter the line interval test run, Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line 1, the two phase of the project formally entered the stage of trial operation, from before the Spring Festival in 2017 opening of trial operation a step closer. Then, on line 1 of the two phase of the project will have the operation of line 1 of the project through time and space, further shorten the distance west of the city is more convenient, high tech Zone, Zheng Dong New District Longzihu regional people travel. Metro Line 1 extension of the East and west each site is located in, Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line 1 is known as the main line through the development of things in the city, the line length of 40.6km, set up station 30, are underground stations. Among them, the first phase project of line 1 in the west of the station Xiliu Lake Xiliu Lake, west of the city to the east city of Victoria sports center station, the line length of 25.6km, 20 station, on December 28, 2013 opening of trial operation. On line 1 of the two phase of the project in a project based on the westward and northward extension, the line length of about 15.0km, 10 stations, the western part of the line by the station 7 station Xiliu Lake extends westward, the eastern section of the line from the city sports center station north 3 stations. "1 line two engineering test run is a transitional stage of trial operation, is the preview of trial operation, is city rail traffic must pass through the opening of trial operation before the link." Zhengzhou subway relevant person in charge, the trial operation is the foundation of city rail traffic engineering of cold and hot slip test on the success of the system debugging successfully completed, through passenger train operation, to verify the availability, safety and reliability of the operation management and facilities system, simply by no-load car map. The Spring Festival is expected before the opening and operation of the responsible person said, through trial operation, inspection stage comprehensive debugging, trial operation regulations, personnel training and other preparatory work completed, the emergency response ability test equipment protection, operation and other systems, but also through the test run to deepen their knowledge in the performance of the system, improve the post operation ability, to ensure smooth and safe operation, opening. In addition, during the trial operation, the Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 phase two project also includes the train timetable and trial operation of large passenger station, the station emergency department of fire, bad weather, violent terrorist incidents, telephone occlusion, shielding door failure nearly 100 emergency prevention exercise, exercise and improve emergency response capabilities and disposal capacity at all levels of emergency command and rescue personnel, to ensure all kinds of emergency rescue materials and equipment to meet the needs of emergency rescue, so as to enhance the security level of the opening test operation after. It is reported that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, no load test run time shall not be less than 3 months, after the trial run, but also need to review and acceptance of the operating conditions of the trial operation, qualified rear passenger trial operation.相关的主题文章: