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Zhao Yunlei looked for the young people to exercise their own space or foreign League tasting mother carefully prepared gift of Rio Zhao Yunlei admitted only to accompany their parents (this has nothing to do with the original video content, only read Zhao Yunlei in September 21st (Beijing) Tencent sports paper Zhang Nan) Beijing time on September 21st, "the feather Cup" Haidian District fitness badminton league conference, the author just met with the national team played Zhao Yunlei retired for the recent report, including her seven country feather players to leave the national team news, Zhao Yunlei revealed because of age and injury problems, she also hope that we can give the succession of young players more space. As for their future plans, in addition to continuing to complete their studies, she may take into account the foreign leagues to play, experience a different life. Haidian District national fitness badminton league adopted the "feather" grading system, players will be divided into four levels according to their ability to compete with their own level of people. And Zhao Yunlei appeared in this activity, but also because she wanted to retire after she was able to participate in the promotion of public badminton. From the beginning of the weekend, the country feather has continued exposed the news of his retirement, to the Tang Yuanting because of health problem in addition to take a long vacation, in order to avoid the huge fines BWF not participating, have to be retired, other players have already decided to leave the national team. Zhao Yunlei said his teammates with their own situation, one is the age of the time to leave, but also affect the injury they had to choose to leave at this time. In the national team for 13 years, really cherish every day with everyone in the day, but to a stage to leave, but also look forward to their own life behind the more exciting." Zhao Yunlei says so. The departure of a large number of old players, but also means that more young players to grab classes. From the strength of speaking, Zhao Yunlei was not worried about the women’s doubles behind the young players, because these young players have showed up in some youth competitions in recent years, do not be concerned, just because the old players still in the game, the young players and not what the opportunity to participate in the international competition of the adult group. Now the old players retired, they have the opportunity to come, but in the new old alternant stage, Zhao Yunlei still hope that we can give them more time and space: "08 years of the end of the Olympic Games, a large number of old players retired, we suddenly come to the top, to tell the truth, when the pressure is really great. So I hope you can give these young players more tolerance and support." Although left the national team, but Zhao Yunlei said his career has not been a full stop. She may still play games for the team next year, and now she also received from Malaysia and Indonesia two National League invitation, she might consider foreign League to play the future, through the promotion of foreign badminton project stage better. Recently her plan was to travel to Australia with his parents in eleven, left home for so many years, now back to the parents to live free, Zhao Yunlei said that can completely control their own life is really good. After the holiday, she will go back to college to finish her research.相关的主题文章: