Zhangzhou Xiangcheng a thief even cheap necessities are stolen-footman

Zhangzhou Xiangcheng a thief even cheap supplies secretly stealing rice, pot, stole a hairdryer, in 3 workers quarters after the theft was finally arrested. In September 25th, Xiangcheng District Punan police station in a steel plant in Punan town and arrested the suspect Lin, the case is under further investigation. The theft of a damaged by long Lin? In August 26th, a steel factory owner Zhou Mousuo good Punan town dormitory door to go out, come back in September 1st, but found that the dorm room has been turned. A count, a blower, a rice cooker, a dozen pounds of rice and a bag of stolen Rice noodles. ? Zhou said, this is the third time the dormitory was stolen, the first two were not the loss, he did not call the police, this time not to alarm the thief, thief drove him home when the dormitory. ? after the alarm, the police rushed to the scene investigation, but the scope of transfer to the dormitory area of valuable surveillance video. Until the morning of September 25th, police in the iron and steel plant by plainclothes Dunshou factory successfully arrested the suspect Lin. ? originally, Lin Zhou, the living in a dormitory, due to different living habits, Lin moved out in June this year. The workers know Zhou’s schedule and the damage can enter the dormitory window, Lin freeloaders, respectively in August 12th, August 22nd and August 27th three Pachuang burglary, has stolen some of the cash, rice, Rice noodles, rice cooker, electric blower etc.. (reporter Guo Qin trainee reporter Zhang Xiongmin correspondent Zheng Le and Ventura)

漳州芗城区一小偷贪便宜 连生活用品都偷   偷米、偷锅,还偷电吹风,在3次盗窃工友宿舍后终于落网。9月25日,芗城区浦南派出所民警在浦南镇某钢铁厂抓获犯罪嫌疑人林某,案件正进一步侦查中。 ▲林某利用损坏的窗户盗窃   ?  8月26日,失主周某锁好浦南镇某钢铁厂的宿舍房门后外出,至9月1日回来,却发现宿舍房间有被人翻动的痕迹。一清点,一台电吹风、一个电饭锅、十几斤米和一包米粉被盗。   ?  周某称,这已经是宿舍第3次被盗了,前两次皆因损失不大,他没有报警,这一次再不报警抓贼,盗贼都快把他宿舍当自己家了。   ?  接警后,民警赶到现场勘察,可惜宿舍区范围调取不到有价值的监控视频。直到9月25日上午,民警通过便衣蹲守在该钢铁厂厂区内成功抓获犯罪嫌疑人林某。   ?  原来,林某、周某本同住一间宿舍,后因生活习惯不同,林某于今年6月搬离。由于深知工友周某的作息时间和其宿舍窗户损坏可进入的情况,林某贪 图便宜,分别于8月12日、8月22日及8月27日三次爬窗入室盗窃,先后盗取了部分现金、大米、米粉、电饭锅、电吹风等物。(记者 郭钦转 见习记者 张雄敏 通讯员 郑乐和 文 图)相关的主题文章: