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Zhang Zilin: hold a grateful heart to treat everyone in the world can have a perfect life lead: August 26th, a "tribute to slim" VGRASS Ludwig Nash senior clothing series exhibition opened at the Shanghai Gateway Plaza, Miss World Zhang Zilin dressed in all hand-made pink lace embroidery dress dress and appearance in an exclusive interview with Sina fashion, journey to share with us after the upgrade is not the same as the mother. Zhang Zilin elegant appearance Shanghai Gateway Plaza at the VGRASS activities VGRASS Zhang Zilin attended the Hong Kong exchange activities in the Shanghai Gateway Plaza atrium erected a huge "music box" show VGRASS haute couture dress series following the postpartum debut in autumn and winter high fashion week, Miss World Zhang Zilin in full Handmade VGRASS pink lace embroidery dress best debut, music box device for the field of up to 8 meters, Zhang Zilin said the music box is every girl’s dream girl, even four month old daughter was very happy to see the music box. Elegant hot mom Zhang Zilin pregnant as a perfect incarnation of the world’s miss, Zhang Zilin’s fashion taste is always appreciated. Upgrade mother, Zi Lin said he also has some changes in fashion, each change of status, to get married to teenage mother, understanding of fashion will have changed, now not to focus on the selection of clothing styles, materials and comfort has become more important. After the upgrade to mother Zhang Zilin, elegant and generous, add a mother calmly.   Zhang Zilin won the "Miss World" Coronation Zhang Zilin wedding show Zhang Zilin VGRASS for her with a small daughter dress specially made many people admire Zhang Zilin prosperous life, 23 years old from China became the first miss world, after marriage also ushered in his lovely daughter, for everyone to her perfect life the envy of Zhang Zilin, that everyone will have their own perfect life, as long as you are happy, satisfied, can be described as perfect, attitude is the most important, always have that sense of gratitude for the perfect life is the most important. Let’s look back at the fashion style of fashion goddess Zhang Zilin who would never wear the wrong clothes. Dress style: elegant goddess fan children miss world Zhang Zilin was born on the red carpet is always the most shining figure a distinguished air of elegance and coquetry, color and perfect smile always on the red carpet. Because of the perfect conditions, Zhang Zilin often try some other colors and styles of female stars did not dare to try, bright color format and high fork, deep V shape are Zhang Zilin’s red carpet nirvana. Zhang Zilin red carpet style Zhang Zilin red carpet style Zhang Zilin red carpet style Zhang Zilin red carpet style casual pants: handsome tall Zhang Zilin 182cm strong woman fan children wear pants is either jeans or valiant and heroic in bearing, casual suit pants, even make legs look even shorter body pants, it’s easy to control. Zhang Zilin Zhang Zilin Zhang Zilin pants style pants style pants style Zhang Zilin pants style short leg length: no other.相关的主题文章: