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Yunnan will hold the Black Tea global tea Tea Ancestor Worship – Kun Beijing, Beijing, Kunming, October 10 (Chen Jing) 10, Yunnan province Lincang Fengqing county government held a press conference in Kunming, "2016? China Lincang (Fengqing) Black Tea Festival" will be held on October 16th – 18 days, there will be a beautiful tea the expedition will, the global acceptance of progenitor tea tea ancestor worship Kun and other exciting activities. Fengqing county is the hometown of Yunnan black tea, tea is one of the world’s birthplace, where two of the hot season, dry and cool at the same time, undulating hills, temperature and humidity on the natural ecological condition, richly endowed by nature with "cloud mountain tea production". There is a tea area of 306 thousand mu, total output of 35 thousand tons of tea, tea deep processing enterprises 49, tea deep processing capacity of 50 thousand tons, the total output value of the tea industry reached 3 billion yuan. Executive vice president of the tea association of Fengqing County Yunnan Dianhong group Limited by Share Ltd party secretary Su Xiangyu introduction, Fengqing county has cultivated bamboo Qing ancient tea tree age of more than 3200 years — beautiful tea king, 1939, Yunnan black tea was born here, served as a national gift given Britain’s Queen and Sri Lanka president, Prime Minister and other foreign dignitaries, is one of the ten major tea producing counties. In order to seize the global tea industry to upgrade the integration of gold strategic opportunities, promoting the leaping development of tea industry, Fengqing county decided on October 16th – 18 held the world tea statue? Dianhong Fengqing — 2016? China Lincang (Fengqing) Black Tea festival will be held during the test will be received, Jinxiu tea Zucco "Dianhong tea birthplace" monument the opening ceremony, the global tea tea conference, Kun worship ancient tea tree heritage protection and development and Black Tea Industry Development Summit and other activities. Su Xiangyu said, Fengqing tea culture has a long history, as early as the pre Qin period, Fengqing Pu people have to respect and to offering tea, tea tea to comfort the ancestral ghosts, traditional custom. In 1991, Fengqing County People’s government held the first session of the Fengqing Tea Festival, has been 25 years of history, the Tea Festival, tea lovers meet, merchants, merchants cultural arena, singing, "I believe that this transaction is booming, Black Tea Festival, will form a boisterous event." (end)相关的主题文章: