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"Yuanyang prescription" be dealt with the unfinished asked Sichuan Guangyuan hospital opened a "Yuanyang prescription" – one issue of expensive drugs at the direction of electronic health care departments defrauding Medicare funds at the same time, handwritten prescription function similar to patients using cheap drugs. Involved in the cardiovascular hospital in Guangyuan in 2013, years, a total of defrauding Medicare fund 7 million 490 thousand yuan. (October 7th "Chengdu daily") at a local and not ordinary "little" hospital, even the medical insurance funds as being at the mercy of the "tang". Sichuan Guangyuan cardiovascular hospital because of their "Yuanyang prescription" defrauding Medicare funds timely investigation and prosecution, will undoubtedly make people happy. But in the face of this involves a huge amount of illegal events, still need further questioning. One is questioning the potentially fraudulent cases are investigated and dealt with health insurance continuation. "Yuanyang prescription" incident, not health care departments beforehand, special or normal supervision and inspection found clues, but due to the local health insurance fund audit department audit the use of the hospital, found false medical invoices, to bring out the false medical insurance fund for clues. If the parties to the hospital not because of long-term use of expensive medicine is too concentrated and too exposed a lot of money, taking the audit work carefully and found timely and effective transfer of deep treatment does not appear in the short term, normal supervision alone such as health insurance supervision department of the main, this "Yuanyang prescription" pianbao case will also be found in time and money treatment? Two thoroughly questioning of Medicare potentially fraudulent cases being investigated. Within two years of Guangyuan cardiovascular hospital involving easily reached as high as about 7000000, the supervision and management of medical insurance funds visible on the local there is a huge loophole, such as reimbursement of actual prescription prescription and the question of the coincidence of networking online, but also the lack of effective supervision mechanism on. This makes people have to worry about whether other hospitals also exist to use this loophole to cheat huge health insurance funds? There must be a detailed explanation to the census. But on the current information, the census is missing. Three is to ask for medical insurance supervision. The local insurance regulatory authorities, the loss of large amounts of medical insurance funds, apparently is a serious dereliction of duty suspects, arguably should be accountable. But the current information, so about 7000000 of the Medicare fund case processing pianbao, only 9 hospital staff involved, signs of supervision departments and personnel have not been dealt with, need further discussion.相关的主题文章: