You can not grab the bright black iPhone, in the next few weeks will see these domestic bright black-bree daniels

Don’t get a bright black iPhone you in the next few weeks will see these domestic "bright black" flagship technology – Sohu every morning at 8 o’clock, keep in front of the computer or mobile phone to hold tight, fingertips trembling because of excessive force to buy iPhone 7 Click on the reservation button, the network with nearly half a minute in the loading. The process of the second degree as you almost hear my heartbeat. However, whether it is iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, bright black always shows out of stock. In iPhone 7 released a new bright black color, sought after by the year rose gold and almost no less than. That has been officially on sale on the market for nearly a week, a small amount of light black iPhone or can be thousands of cattle fare, speculative money. With the explosion of iPhone 7 bright black color red, the upcoming next month, the upcoming release of the new flagship of the new machine, they will also choose to follow up on the two. So you can not buy bright black iPhone 7, in the next few weeks will see what "domestic bright black"? Millet 5S: next Tuesday officially released, bright black ceramic wear rolling iPhone millet 5 even before the bright black iPhone release, released in the first half of this year millet 5 with a bright black color. Just choose to polish the practice of aluminum alloy is different, millet bright black is achieved through the ceramic. After the ceramic exclusive version of millet 5 release, are sought after by the market, the weekly millet mall in regular sale will soon be sold out. Because of the bright black iPhone 7 is achieved by grinding aluminum alloy, the wear resistance is absolutely not higher than the hardness of ceramic. But the cost and difficulty of the ceramic backplane is also very high, and more fragile. If you can not improve the capacity, the color of the upcoming sale of millet 5S few people still meet parting interest, black ceramic no goods can be bought. For this in the upcoming new machine released next Tuesday, there have been many relatively reliable exposure, millet official also released some millet 5S photo proofs. Bunny performance in the configuration of millet 5S to run the club to reach about 150 thousand, will likely use Xiaolong 821 processor, standard 6GB ROM + 64GB ROM. The message also shows the exposure millet 5S will use a fingerprint recognition technology called "Under glass", ultrasonic fingerprint identification scheme based on Qualcomm’s, can be hidden in the fingerprint identification directly under the glass cover. Of course, in addition to millet 5S, millet is likely to before the millet Note series, changed its name to Plus, released a new machine called millet 5S Plus as its own ultimate flagship this year. Before the back there is millet millet 5S spy 5S spy photos exposed, only the back of the fuselage相关的主题文章: