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Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Zone to cultivate new industry — Ningxia channel — people.com.cn this year, Yinchuan iBi incubation center and Yinchuan TMT incubation center jointly, trotters always nurture new industries in Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Zone, to achieve the integration of multi industry integration, promote the optimization of economic park. Yinchuan Industrial Development Zone development aimed at high, light, new development ", big data, networking, e-commerce, bio technology and other high-end industry, asset light industry, optimize the industrial layout, to seize the high ground of strategic emerging industries. The new opening of the Yinchuan TMT Incubation Center for science and technology, industry positioning, media and telecommunications, Yinchuan iBi incubation center "Silicon Valley" industrial dislocation development, build new industrial economic development zone. Reporters yesterday walked into the center of Yinchuan TMT incubation Intelligent Company, intelligent robot small V to a small apple welcome guests. The intelligent robot can accurately identify people’s language and body shape, independently complete the design of navigation, portrait recognition, intelligent language interaction, and can make complex body movements. Up to now, Yinchuan TMT has gathered hundreds of new economic enterprises, covering R & D, intelligent hardware, software development, networking, 3D printing, film and television animation, VR virtual reality technology and other fields. With the information, bio technology, intellectual property rights into the leading industry of Yinchuan iBi incubation center has producer service industry agglomeration of 525 enterprises, as of the end of 8, the main business income of 4 billion yuan, the network platform trading volume of 400 billion yuan, completed 130 million yuan of tax. "The two incubation center of industrial dislocation development, will foster a number of industry" singles champion ", become a public venture, the highly innovative new platform in the west." Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Zone official said. Expected 1-9 months, Yinchuan economic and Technological Development Zone to complete the above scale industrial added value of 3 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 14%, to achieve investment in fixed assets of $5 billion 500 million, an increase of 35%. (reporter Zhao Lei) (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet)相关的主题文章: