Yi Xi smelt one thousand Yang Yang hit the face aquiline nose + magic eye similarity nearly 90%- Bei-sugus

Yi Xi smelt one thousand Yang Yang hit the face very high similarity in 90%- electric eye nose + Beijing Beijing in September 9, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Yang Yang smiled very recently in "Qingcheng" omnipotent "Xiao Nai" in a corner of a new generation of popular niche, more on a variety of play "her sister act, became the hearts of young girls of the male god, even if the drama has ended, the name is still high in the micro-blog hot search list, which is interesting friends found him and popular group" TFBOYS "easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi hit the face, 2 have the same handsome face. In addition there is a critical Wuke Yang Yang face, and high nose, strong jaw arc and sharp and clear electric eye, full of self-confidence charm male behavior, let him become worthy of the name handsome, coincidentally easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi also share similar temperament, especially do not laugh when the high cold charm exudes more similarity of 2 people increased significantly. Not only that, Yang Yang childhood love of dance, the 3 grade primary school can jump high school dance, after specializing in dance, professional grade, but also easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi he studied all kinds of dance, dance and even open class teacher qualifications, 2 handsome size are all good at dancing, all sorts of coincidence that fans laughing at Yang Yang I can see Yi Xi smelt one thousand at the age of more than and 20 the appearance of the.相关的主题文章: