Yang Delong at the end of this year is expected to rebound this year, the best wave – Sohu securitie antik

Yang Delong: by the end of this year is expected to rebound the best Sohu out of the property market regulation of securities funds to promote Manniu market in the Spring Festival this year, when the stock market fell to more than 2 thousand and 600 points, the market should is a pessimistic, everyone is desperate for the afternoon, worried because the U.S. stock market crash during the Spring Festival, A shares opened may directly rushed 2000 points. But in fact, it is this desperate time, the market had a rebound in the market. Now, the market has gradually from the rebound to manniu. In the second half of the year I had proposed a point of view, is the market’s rebound has established Manniu trend. But Manniu feature is slow, it is not the kind of stock market experience before us, soon rose up quickly fell down, but narrowing in amplitude, a process at the bottom of the rising. Manniu factors driving now, mainly from the capital side. Now M2 in China has reached 150 trillion, more than two times that of GDP, while the international community is generally about twice the proportion, that is to say China’s currency is over, this caused the flow of funds in different markets. In the past, we see this seesaw effect the property market and the stock market is not strong, but in the last three years, this effect is very obvious, the stock market is strong, the market or the property market, the stock market fell. The main reason is that the economy is in transition, the real economy is not too many investment opportunities to absorb liquidity, not so much, these funds will run in different markets. We have seen this year, in addition to the stock market rose less, the property market is skyrocketing, and even doubled, the commodity futures market is skyrocketing, gold prices rose. This year, in addition to the stock market, the other is rose. Now the property market regulation can be said to have seen the results, the property market has been a lot of cities in the volume and price down, especially in Shenzhen is more obvious, its turnover fell by seven percent, eighty. In this case, the first volume fell down again. With this expectation, the funds will flow out of the property market, constantly looking for new opportunities. The A shares in the blue chip is a valuation of depression, so this is the most important factor affecting the market. In fact, as long as the fundamentals of our economy does not appear sharp decline, maintain the basic steady growth of 6.5% per cent or so, then the fundamentals for the stock market has been reflected in the current stock price. In fact, the market should look at expectations, rather than saying that now we immediately sold the house to the stock market, it is also necessary to sell the house for one or two months. The outflow of funds from the property market needs time, as long as we expected in the next one or two months, the property market will continue to export capital outflow, as some people around me know my advice, from September began to gradually sell hunters blue chip, so the funds in batches into the stock market, such if the venue of the funds will be opening. A shares are now the position of investors is relatively low, many large private placement or even less than 20%, and many insurance companies positions are only $10%. For insurance companies, it can be up to thirty percent of the assets;相关的主题文章: