Xintai industrial and thin arbitration three ask Xianhengpeifu scheme webquest

Xintai industrial and thin "arbitration" Xianhengpeifu asked three sina finance scheme App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money and drawing the Securities Times reporter Sun Xianchao this Friday, Xintai electric announced that Haitong Securities to the Shanghai Huangpu District people’s court submitted a pledge of securities repurchase the dispute of the civil complaint. The actual controller of the company, and his wife Liu Wen, Xintai electric become the defendant, requesting an order to pay Liu Haitong Securities repurchase transaction amount of 29 million 990 thousand yuan and 4 million 975 thousand yuan of interest, a total of 34 million 965 thousand yuan, the temperature of a request bear joint responsibility for repayment, Xintai electric bear joint liability guarantee. It pours. Earlier this week, Xintai electric released two consecutive "significant arbitration notice". One of the announcement said, Societe Generale Securities through the Shanghai international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai International Arbitration Center") filed a request for arbitration Xintai electric compensation caused by the breach of the loss of 21 million 380 thousand yuan compensation for investors; Societe Generale Securities Xianhengpeifu losses, the amount of 50 million yuan compensation for provisional additional damages or expenses; Societe Generale Securities due to breach of contract and Xintai electric incurred. The announcement of the two call, the request for arbitration, Societe Generale Securities require the company to suffer damages due to the breach of the loss of 36 million yuan; the company’s default behavior lead to sign Societe Generale Securities sponsor representative qualification is revoked and the payment of compensation 3 million 600 thousand yuan; arbitration fees, legal fees, compensation and for the realization of Societe Generale Securities Arbitration request all travel expenses and other reasonable expenses. Compared with the Haitong Securities Civil complaint, as the outside world for the listing sponsor Societe Generale Securities Arbitration drew more attention. Investors can not help but ask: why not early Societe Generale Securities late, to choose the current point in time to apply for arbitration? Societe Generale Securities Arbitration to win the probability of how much, all the demands can be met? After Societe Generale Securities 550 million yuan Xianhengpeifu proposed the establishment of a special fund, the amount of loss now requires Xintai electric compensation to investors Xianhengpeifu tentative 50 million yuan, will impact on the Xianhengpeifu scheme of investors? Q: why do you want to bring the industrial securities arbitration? In the Thai electric continuous disclosure of the two announcements, many people have such a question: why do not have the actual Societe Generale Securities to the actual loss of arbitration? In this regard, analysis of Beijing Law Firm lawyer Zang Xiaoli, may be to Societe Generale Securities Xintai electric bad financial situation make the litigation strategy as soon as possible. After submitting an application for arbitration, even if not successful grasp, Societe Generale Securities may apply for freezing and preservation of the applicant’s assets, this can be avoided after the lawsuit win, the other party has no ability to pay. Shanghai Tianming partner Song Yixin law firm lawyers said that Societe Generale Securities in the arbitration application, requirements of Xintai electric and other damages caused by the breach of 21 million 380 thousand yuan (underwriting fee of 20 million 780 thousand yuan, a fine of 600 thousand yuan), is essentially as the issuer, false statements for implementation of Xintai electric theory相关的主题文章: