Xinjiang Tianshan addict double day temperature over 20 degrees Celsius in Beijing mia farrow

Xinjiang Tianshan "addict double day temperature over 20 degrees Celsius in Aletai – new network area of northern Xinjiang, even to snowy weather. Zhao Jiaxi photo Beijing, Urumqi, November 15, (Geng Dandan Yang Houwei), even to northern Xinjiang, continuous snowfall, in southern Xinjiang, the weather continued fine, North and South Xinjiang temperature over 20 degrees Celsius, the formation of the addict double day. From the beginning of 10, North Xinjiang will appear strong snowfall weather process, including large parts of Aletai in ta’e basin, heavy snow, local Blizzard or snow, the minimum temperature of minus 6 degrees celsius. In southern Xinjiang, even the day the weather is fine, the average temperature maintained at 10 degrees celsius. Map of southern Xinjiang in Korla, the weather is fine, people in the park. Yang Houwei taken 15 days, the reporter learned from the Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau news, from 16 to 18, the north and North East will have a significant snowfall, cool weather, some areas of Yili River Valley, northern Tacheng, Aletai, along the Northern Tianshan Mountains and other places have moderate to heavy snow, the local river Valley, northern Tacheng, Yili Eastern Aletai and other places have a Blizzard or snowstorm, the temperature dropped from 8 to 10 degrees celsius. The next 3 days, the lowest temperature in northern Xinjiang fell to minus 25 degrees Celsius, the other parts of Xinjiang clear cloudy, wind is not the highest temperature in southern Xinjiang reached 19 degrees celsius. (end)相关的主题文章: