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Xinhua News Agency: ten years of pain China football should not only 1 Zhang Yuning [] report Orangemen 0-0 Iran Zengcheng back injury Wu Lei missed pole Xinhua Shenyang September 6th Sports News Title: ten years of pain Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Jiren in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center to take the bus to watch the Chinese team match against Iran, a I sat on the edge of an elder to me in class". To get off I did not have time to ask his name, only to know that he is a coach at the grassroots level, had a set of many Liaoning. He said a lot, are very rational, the deepest impression is that a good player, at least ten years"! This is the second time I heard the word "" in Shenyang the same day. In the morning to visit Li Tie Sports Park, Li Tie described his film in the best of spirits: standard indoor football stadium stadium; the best artificial turf, at a cost of about three million yuan, the FIFA star certification, can really use eight to ten years; air pollution; cool in summer and warm in winter, four seasons are available, solve the Northeast playing children "the cat winter" problem. Li Tie said: "I have a" selfish ", hoping to cultivate talents for the film course, cultivate a star in ten years! I believe I can do it, I and my companions that is the way to cultivate." Decade! For other industries, can make a big career. For Chinese football, it is only a short period of training talent! Football is not the only one China Zhang Yuning tonight at the Olympic Sports Center in Shenyang, we saw the debut of Zhang Yuning! The Liuyang will activate the fans in the audience with a clever volley of passion. Chinese team to bid farewell to the World Cup qualifying finals in Asia has been fifteen years. In these ten years, we have delayed the basic work of training football talent too much. Otherwise, Zhang Yuning may be "China’s Messi", or we will have more than one "Zhang Yuning". The 0:0 draw with Iran team home court. Both sides have the opportunity, but did not grasp. This is a mutually acceptable result. This game for the team and the fans Chinese China biggest harvest, in addition to the face of the enemy, it adds a little confidence: the original Iran team did not imagine so strong, Chinese team did not imagine so weak! Since there is always a miracle on the football field, then why can’t we seize or even make a miracle this time?! But the use of the word "miracle", because the overall strength of the country foot better than South Korea, Iran, the group of seemingly weakest but tonight can draw South Korea’s Syria team also difficult to take six points. To the best of our country, to the best of the best, for the worst, one by one, never give up. Now think about the results, not much significance. In the context of more than ten years of desolation, Gao Hongbo and his disciples have been doing their utmost, the final result can not be too demanding. This time in Liaoning to participate in the reform and development of Football Forum and the investigation of the construction of Shenyang football all the time feeling a lot. National team in the twelve round of the national attention, but for Chinese football, more important than the national football tournament is the reform of the system, the development of campus football, youth training system and the formation of social forces. This is from a long-term and fundamental right China football course..相关的主题文章: