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Xin Ying SPA Chen Xiaoda Ying Er Museum romance exposure interesting Sina entertainment news on Thursday night of the Mid Autumn Festival "love" the third season finally meet with you as in the past, the sweet romance let all the waiting for the value of all. This Thursday night (September 22nd) "if love" will continue to meet with you, Fu Xinbo, Ying Er [micro-blog] [micro-blog] warming up the feelings of two people, a high-profile show of affection is not enough, Ying Er is invited to old classmate Chen Xiao [micro-blog] to help out, show the explosion Ying Er grow old things; six amateur guests will for the first time on a date, clock, Junsheng Shen Shan is brave to love person…… Chen Xiao Ying Er "Xin Ying set the explosion of interesting combination" SPA hall full house dating the first phase of the program was broadcast, many fans of the girl heart was "Xin Ying" burst. This episode "sweet" continues to escalate, Fu Xinbo disguised as a recording artist to Ying Er where the crew of secret goings, "baozi" appeared to make Ying Er a surprise, can not help but sigh a "sunshine of the feeling of love". But because of his girlfriend costume buns too short skirt and vinegar big hair, so he actually wants to "serve the gates". In the face of such overbearing boyfriend, Ying Er will be how to deal with? I do not know Fu Xinbo to his girlfriend "strict hand" Chen Xiaoze is sore up the knife, set the explosion of old classmate Ying Er on campus during the early period and the debut of fun — Ying Er "history of obesity" for the first time to: from thin and dark "hemp rod legs" to "Qianshan Twilight snow" 130 pounds of body, again now the popular small artistes, what between what happened? But this period of history did not affect the "Xin Ying" feelings, Chen Xiao also believes that the two seem to fit, "and predicted that two people will have a very long story"…… What is this story, to "love" in the search for it! Our guests for the first time there is not mind all private date "Xin Ying" date is getting better, feelings of side six as head is also a plus. After the initial, six of us establish a certain understanding, each also has the right to object to. Zhong Junsheng had a strong appearance of harvest Shen Shan’s girl heart, Li Minglin’s musical talent also seems to have found a friend, Mao Province, but Tubasa also depends on the sunshine image and a "Devil Dance" let women become a second fan…… Everything seems in smooth water, but everyone simmering: Shen Shan love bell Junsheng and Tubasa obsession, eating a bowl of looking at the pot "the mind is the other two sisters look; Tubasa is in between the small and Shen Shan women swing…… A six – to – one dating time, every minute is full of drama. This program, six will be selected through the beverage and food group start date, choose to "fire" milk guests want to open up a pool of party, and to choose the word "water" are a delicacy about. Battle of Shen Shan pool sexy appearance, dress, hair, cool has once again been questioned; restaurant date, clock Junsheng, small lobster women feed each sweet self timer, and make people unhappy pool. In real life, it is very common to fight for love in front of love相关的主题文章: