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Xi’an traffic police check drunk driving live eat pie "pseudo drinking drunk people always want to hide the traffic police, traffic police and security card will carry out drunk driving position in action before. However, when the police through the network to investigate the way to drink drunk driving, onlookers onlookers onlookers, point like praise, the scene of the warm, contrary to our imagination. Suspected of drunk driving but not blowing test late on September 7th, Xi’an traffic police webcast through the investigation of drunk driving operation, the police were deployed 351 people, 72 police stations, set up 45 in the range of Xi’an city. O’clock in the evening of 11, live by the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Xuan Propaganda Department police advorate and Wang Lu served as moderator of the beginning, different from the previous investigation of drunk driving, live also parked a blood collection vehicle. At 11:11 PM, police interrogation with a man appeared on the live screen. The man after breath alcohol tester is 59.9mg 100lml, suspected of drunk driving. After confirming that the man has no objection to the test results, the police asked him to produce a driver’s license and driver’s license on-site treatment. During this period, the interaction between the host and onlookers, the host of drunk driving and drunken driving awareness and punishment of the universal description. The traffic police brigade deputy chief of the legal department Yuan Jianhui introduced, the man will have a driver’s license record 12 points, suspended for 6 months and impose a fine of 1000 yuan penalty. Yuan Jianhui said, such as the results of the alcohol test results have objections, you can further take blood detection. At 11:19 PM, another man was brought over. In the face of the crowd and the crowd, the man repeatedly to the alcohol tester does not exhale. When the police said to the man last chance, alcohol tester tweets, the test results for 128.4mg 100ml. Yuan Jianhui introduction, because the man was arrested for drunk driving, police asked the scene of their blood. The face of police live, the man said, do not shoot". Eat pie will be "pseudo drinking" live pictures appeared in a handheld multifunctional explosion-proof shields of the police, he said that in addition to the shield isolation function, is also equipped with a flashlight, and shield "type V" has broken window function. "Driving against law enforcement, the police will be three verbal warning, once the driver still pretended not to hear, the police will have the" open the door, otherwise broken windows’ prompt card, then they will use a shield in the absence of the passenger window broken window to take coercive measures." Police introduced, in order to prevent drunk driving vehicle collision point, the traffic police department will use the car stop. Someone asked to drink beer, eat pie is suspected of drunk driving, the host in front of a live audience of two people tested did not confirm that eating pie after drinking, people still suspected of drinking mouthwash test, but with reduced time value, is a kind of "false drinking" phenomenon; and people drink fruit beer test without drinking. In this regard, Yuan Jianhui introduced, alcohol tester alcohol gas on the depth of the lung were tested, and some food, medicines, fruits contain alcohol or alcohol decomposition in the process of eating, residue in the mouth. Yuan Jianhui said, Huoxiangzhengqi water, rinse, slobber durian)相关的主题文章: