Xiamen snacks are southern Putuo gold cake and Wu Zaitian noodles with Satay Sauce-musiland

Xiamen snacks are southern Putuo gold cake and Wu Zaitian noodles with Satay Sauce according to Xinhua News Agency 18, the first gold medal Chinese tourist snacks selection results were announced and awards, 200 won the gold medal China travel snacks". In this selection, a total of two Xiamen Tourism Awards are South Putuo snacks, cake and Wu Zaitian noodles with Satay sauce. China Tourism Association and China Turist Hotel Industry Association jointly hosted the first Chinese gold medal tourism snacks awards in Beijing. It is understood, according to the "comprehensive coverage, own characteristics through the" multi "principle, vigorously mobilize corporate voluntary reporting, step by step, territorial recommended" preliminary recommended procedures, the country’s 31 provinces and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps recommended a total of more than 300 famous dishes in this selected. Ningquewulan, selecting the best, taking into account the geographical characteristics and representativeness, China Tourism Association, Chinese Turist Hotel Industry Association, China Cuisine Association invited cooking and catering, hotel industry, tourism colleges and other industry experts judges, repeated discussions, joint efforts, based on "popular breakfast, supper and other special food" added "ambiguous, not three" selection conditions, which can provide on-site production, can Gongtang food, leisure food and cakes, Cereals, vegetable or popular entrees such as, not as a tourist snacks". Finally, after three comprehensive review, social publicity, strict examination and approval procedures, 200 Chinese tourism snacks won the gold medal, showing the regional, cultural, security, stability, popularity, high efficiency, good reputation and so on. It is reported that the selection of the National Tourism Administration aims to implement the "515 strategy", to promote the Chinese food culture, dig folk traditional cuisines, creating distinctive catering brand, is a good opportunity to China tourism and catering industry to demonstrate its quality and characteristics, can effectively enhance the tourism catering brand awareness, and promote the healthy development of tourism and catering industry the. South Putuo vegetarian cake. South Putuo vegetarian cake: Xiamen characteristic snack, has "Xiamen vegetarian cake first" laudatory name, is the Minnan area traditional snack. Have been awarded the "Chinese name" award, a famous specialty of Xiamen, the Chinese time-honored, there are green beans, coconut, pumpkin, taro and other flavors. The ice crust is crisp, the entrance is instant, the stuffing is soft and fragrant and not greasy, and the sweetness is moderate. Wu Zaitian noodles with Satay sauce. Wu Zaitian: noodles with satay sauce noodles with satay sauce is a famous snack in Xiamen oil and high streets and back lanes, the vegetables in boiling water boiled fish into the bowl, poured into the hot Shacha soup. Finally, by adding seasoning preferences, bean products, large intestine, blood meters, then pour a spoonful of chili oil, eat spicy smell, with great eloquence. Noodles with satay sauce Wu Zaitian snack bar is very famous in Xiamen, Xiamen by the local people and visitors alike. Read the full text of this paper is reproduced, does not represent the Xiamen network (micro-blog) point of view. Xiamen net (micro-blog) does not make any guarantee and commitment to the authenticity, timeliness, completeness and accuracy of its characters, pictures and other contents, as well as its right attributes, so readers and relevant parties should verify themselves.

厦门小吃摘金 分别是南普陀素饼和吴再添沙茶面据中新社电 18日,首届中国金牌旅游小吃评选结果揭晓并颁奖,200道中国旅游小吃摘得“金牌”。在本次评选中,厦门共有两个旅游小吃获奖,分别是南普陀素饼和吴再添沙茶面。中国旅游协会、中国旅游饭店业协会在北京共同举办首届中国金牌旅游小吃颁奖典礼。据了解,根据“全面覆盖、各显特色”的原则,通过“多方大力动员、企业自愿申报、属地逐级推荐”的初评推荐程序,全国31个省区市及新疆生产建设兵团共推荐了300余个名吃名菜参与本次评选。本着宁缺毋滥、优中选优,兼顾地域特色和代表性的原则,中国旅游协会、中国旅游饭店业协会、中国烹饪协会联合邀请了烹饪餐饮业、饭店业、旅游院校等业界专家评委,反复讨论、共同努力,在“大众早点、夜宵等特色食品”的基础上补充了“两可、三不宜”的评选条件,即“可提供现场制作,可供堂食”、“休闲食品和糕点类、大众主食类、正菜或主菜类等,不宜作为旅游小吃”。最终,历经三次综合评审、社会公示、严格的审批程序,200个中国旅游小吃摘得“金牌”,彰显了地域性、文化性、安全性、稳定性、大众化、效益高、口碑好等特点。据悉,本次评选旨在贯彻落实国家旅游局“515战略”,弘扬中华饮食文化,深入挖掘民间传统名吃,打造特色餐饮品牌,是中国旅游餐饮行业展示其品质与特色的良好契机,可有效地提升旅游餐饮品牌的知名度,促进旅游餐饮行业的健康发展。南普陀素饼。●南普陀素饼:厦门特色小吃,有“厦门素饼之首”的美称,是闽南地区的传统点心。曾荣获“中国名点”金鼎奖,是厦门著名特产,中华老字号,有绿豆、椰子、南瓜、香芋等多种口味。冰皮酥脆,入口即化,馅料又软又香且不油腻,甜度适中。吴再添沙茶面。●吴再添沙茶面:沙茶面是遍布厦门大街小巷的著名小吃,将油面与青菜于开水中烫熟捞入碗中,趁热浇入沙茶汤。最后可由喜好添加佐料,豆制品、大肠、米血等,再淋上一小勺辣油,吃起来香辣扑鼻,痛快淋漓。吴再添小吃店的沙茶面在厦门十分有名,深受厦门本地人和游客的喜爱。展开阅读全文本文系转载,不代表厦门网(微博)的观点。厦门网(微博)对其文字、图片与其他内容的真实性、及时性、完整性和准确性以及其权利属性均不作任何保证和承诺,请读者和相关方自行核实。相关的主题文章: