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Wuhan college music band Chinese on tour by the cost of room and board (reporter Li Fang correspondent Ye Niu Zhu Shiying) 3, 1 guitars, 17 days, 8 city. Hubei University C Li Dongxu, Gao Xiang, Zhang chord band Chen Xuesan recently completed their "music", in Kunming, Dali City, on the streets tour income to ensure their accommodation. Market marketing professional Li Dongxu, attended the school "Qinyuan good voice" was third, and decided the same grade professional radio host Gao Xiang formed C chord band. They want a chat about travel by singing way, hit it off, they immediately called 2014 in journalism and communication, photography and travel planning Zhang Chenxue. At the end of October, the band opened the first leg of their tour in Optics Valley. One night only earn 27 dollars. To Kunming, they just put down baggage to sing, but was chased four times out, run around here and there to earn 75 yuan, Zhang Chen Xueman is sour, was particularly want to go home." After sleep, three people rally, from 3 pm, lasts 6 hours uninterrupted and earned 550 yuan. Being the only girl in 3, Zhang Chen snow in addition to taking pictures in the performance, but also responsible for carrying a heavy box every day about 5 kg drum. In addition to travel, they gain more feel the warmth of a stranger. "Singing in Yichang that the world is very heavy rain, the rain sister is a high school student ran out to buy us water." Li Dongxu recalled, in Kunming, a backpacker see they are tired, take the initiative to help. "We want to sing in such a way in the university travel, travel Chinese." Li Dongxu said.

武汉大学生组乐队唱游中国 吃住费用全靠巡演   本报讯(记者李芳 通讯员叶妞 朱诗颖)3个人,1把吉他,17天,8座城市。湖北大学C和弦乐队李东旭、高翔、张陈雪三人近日完成了他们的“唱游”,在昆明、大理等城市,靠街头巡演的收入保证他们的食宿。   市场营销专业的李东旭,参加完学校“琴园好声音”获得季军后,决定和同年级播音主持专业的高翔组建C和弦乐队。一次聊天中两人都谈到想要通过卖唱旅行的方式去云南,一拍即合,两人随即叫上2014级新闻传播专业、爱好摄影与旅行的张陈雪一起筹划。   10月底,乐队在光谷开启了他们巡演的第一站。一晚上只赚了27块钱。到昆明,他们刚放下行李就去唱歌,却遭到城管四次驱逐,东奔西跑赚了75元,张陈雪满是酸涩,“当时特别想回家。”   一觉过后,三人重整旗鼓,从下午3点开始,持续6个小时不间断弹唱挣了550元。   身为3人中唯一的女生,张陈雪除了在演出时拍照,每天还要负责背重约5公斤的箱鼓。   除了旅行,他们更大的收获是感受到陌生人的温暖。“在宜昌卖唱那天下很大雨,一个高中生妹妹淋着雨跑出去给我们买水。”李东旭回忆,在昆明时,一个背包客见他们很累,主动帮忙唱歌。   “我们想在大学以这样边唱边旅行的方式,走遍中国。”李东旭说。相关的主题文章: