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Wuhan a residential 150 thousand yuan parking property without tying accused of disguised price hikes yesterday, many people reflect, Jiangxia district rich Jin Lan Bay project forced tying no parking property, new home price 9500 yuan / square meters, an underground parking 150 thousand yuan to buy a house of more than and 80 square meters the actual price of nearly 1 million yuan, the lowest threshold is artificially inflated, I hope reporters to survey. Real property without tying parking yesterday morning, the reporter went to the Yangtze River daily in Jiangxia Jinlong Avenue Fuli Jin Lan Bay, the scene saw a number of complaints from the public. Buyers Ms. Chen told reporters, she and several friends originally intend in the project to buy a house, but only developers proposed so that they can not accept to buy must buy a $145 thousand underground parking spaces at the same time, and can not handle the property certificate. A few complaints of this strong sell tying behavior expressed dissatisfaction, agreed to buy will certainly increase the cost to buy a house, do not agree to buy is artificially set the threshold in the door. Subsequently, the reporter entered the real estate marketing center to verify the identity of buyers. Property consultant said that at present only 1 houses in the building, the whole building has more than 100 sets, the average price of 9500 yuan square meters, buy a house must also buy a parking space, the price of $150 thousand. Reporters want to separate buyers do not need parking spaces, property consultant said, the area of all projects are the sales model, and the provisions of the housing project developers and parking spaces must also sell, "can not accept if you can buy other real estate". More than a number of buyers asked the scene, whether or not to increase the cost of a separate home buyers do not buy parking spaces, property buyers have expressed the need to buy parking spaces. The cover plate is tied to a price during the interview, the reporter in accordance with the "Regulations" of the real estate marketing center just a sales account: a set of 86 square metres, the average price of 9500 yuan / square meters, the house price 817 thousand yuan, a car 150 thousand yuan, the total cost of parking costs accounted for more than 15%. The reporter asked whether such behavior is not reasonable, the sales staff explained that the car can apply for a period of 4 years the highest 150 thousand yuan loan, the annual interest rate of 4% lower mortgage interest rates, interest for 4 years will be 16 thousand yuan, the monthly mortgage 2416 yuan to 150 thousand parking spaces, parking fees converted into housing, which is equivalent to 11000 yuan per square meter. "If you do not put spaces with the house sales, our house is less than a week can be sold out". In this regard, a number of hesitant buyers said the real estate prices in disguise. At the same time, the developers have told the Yangtze Daily reporters frankly, although this year the property market Qiaoxiao, to a certain extent, the formation of the current real estate market, but this will be the house and parking bundling is rare, the project may do so, one is to rely on the sale of parking spaces will not sell in order to return the funds as soon as possible on the other hand, there is a disguised price even disguised cover Xishou. Not even bargain alleged irregularities in this regard, a Hubei Law Firm lawyer Li believes that consumers have to choose the right goods, commercial housing and parking spaces does not belong to an indivisible whole, should not be tied to sales, developers additional unreasonable conditions for buyers, buyers will belong to the contrary, abuse of advantage)相关的主题文章: