Wu Xuebin joined Baidu R & D Beiqi can continue to grafting dingxiangwuyuetian

Wu Xuebin joined Baidu R & D Beiqi can continue to "grafting"? Recently, the reporter was informed that the former vice president of Beijing automobile Limited by Share Ltd (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Dean Wu Xuebin left Beijing Automotive Group, joined Baidu. Reporter contacted Wu Xuebin I verify, but he did not respond to this message. But this message has been Beiqi shares insiders confirmed. Until now, this has not been the Beiqi shares announcement, did not announce the new candidate to replace Wu Xuebin position. According to BAIC public information, Wu Xuebin, 50, American nationality, master of mechanical engineering, Automobile Research Institute, in charge of commercial center; in charge of new energy product development company, Dean of Faculty of Automobile Research Institute, has more than 20 years experience in automotive industry. The industry generally believe that Wu Xuebin is a representative of the automotive industry R & D strength returnees. Before returning to China in 2003, he served as senior engineer of the company Ford automobile vehicle performance, dynamic performance of group leader; returned to Chery Automotive Engineering Research Institute and the Ministry of development minister minister trial models. Then in the Chery office in less than a year to become Dean of Foton Foton, deputy general manager, research institute. In April 2013, Wu Xuebin joined the Beijing Automotive group. As the car circle of capital to be Wu Xuebin because deep sea, from the traditional auto industry to the Internet repairer and concern. Although it has been announced to enter the automotive industry, but compared to Tencent and Alibaba, Baidu in the field of automatic driving, smart car layout more in-depth. Recently, Baidu driverless car has just been awarded the United States government of California, the world’s fifteenth unmanned vehicle road test license. Some analysts pointed out that Baidu is currently in urgent need of talent from the traditional automotive industry and manufacturing processes to overcome the hardware difficulties, which is precisely what Wu Xuebin specializes in. However, Wu Xuebin leaving the industry reconstruction R & D system for BAIC’s doubts, after all, compared to other domestic leading independent brand car prices, the late start of the Beiqi self R & D system advantage is not obvious. Of more concern is that Beijing R & D team leader has been replaced frequently, ten years, Beijing Research Institute has experienced Han Yonggui (click to view the latest figures, Wang Dazong, news) Lin Yi, Gu Lei, Gao Weimin (click to view the latest news, Wu Xuebin and other characters) many people at the helm. President Li Feng shares (micro-blog) earlier in the interview also admitted that the dean of Institute of Beiqi had "for a year". Therefore, insiders told reporters that Wu Xuebin’s departure may not cause significant impact on the development of beijing. Wu Xuebin joined in Beijing, the core task is to purchase Saab technology continue to improve to BAIC R & D system. Wu Xuebin earlier in an interview with this reporter also believes that the Saab technology from 0 to 1 independent BAIC played a huge role, but now it needs to absorb outside the Saab technology. In fact, Beiqi technology research and development action recently frequent, recently, has been linked with Fiat Chrysler Beiqi again, to explore the establishment of joint ventures, negotiations between the two sides smoothly, is expected to be completed and signed in November this year. Some analysts said that Beijing’s move is designed to get more advanced technology. Failed in the main Saab Beiqi own brand breakthrough high-end products.相关的主题文章: