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World Cup – Nani column in 8 minutes of Portugal lost 2 ball 0-2 ten Swiss Sohu sports Beijing time on September 7th at 2:45 in the morning, 2018 Russia World Cup European zone qualifying group B launched the first round of confrontation, the European Cup champions Portugal team away to switzerland. After 90 minutes of the race, the Portuguese team final 0 2 lost to the Swiss team. The first half, Embolo header to break the deadlock, Mahdi Maddie tuishe yuanjiao to expand the score advantage; the second half, Nani header in the column to miss a goal, Zach stoppage time red. In history, the two sides in the international A-class tournament in the 20 Games record, the Portuguese team record of 6 wins, 5 draws and 9 losses at a disadvantage, scoring 25 goals to lose 30 balls. The two teams last played against in the 2008 European Cup, the Portuguese team to 0 than 2 defeat of the Swiss team. In this game, the concern of the C Luo injury missed the play, Pepe and Nani full episode. Third minutes, Embolo straight plug, Flo Vecchi follow low shot blocked. Subsequently, the Portuguese fast counter attack, Adrian Silva left xiechuan, Adair collusion enters the forbidden area, form a single, foot shot out slightly. Fifth minutes, Nani right pass, edelgard header ferry, Bernardo – close Xierwamen header from the center, but the perspective of being too Suoma confiscated. Eighth minutes, the Portuguese team free kick directly into the restricted area, Nani rushed out of the top. Thirteenth minutes, Zach tripped Adrian – Silva, the Portuguese team won the position of great opportunity to locate the ball, Guerrero kick directly shot hit the wall, then the rapid pace of tip was the other guards. Seventeenth minutes, Enboluo xiechuan fengtech was blocked for a while, Rodrigues left the ball after the lateral area of hushe. Twenty-third minutes, the deadlock was broken, the Rodrigues area arc free kick on the right side of the left foot to the left side of the goal of direct detonation, Patricio throws the ball to the closed road, Enboluo header score, 1-0! Thirtieth minutes, the Swiss team once again expanding Dachang score advantage, Leigh F Steiner right xiadichuanzhong, near the spot he Maddie tuishe, 2-0! Thirty-seventh minutes, Nani quickly after Guerrero cross into the restricted area, the ball immediately after receiving a volley, the ball was blocked by the other defensive players. Fortieth minutes, he Maddie ball into the box by the Pepe trip, the referee penalty Mahdi Maddie diving and a yellow card warning. Forty-fifth minutes, Adrian – Silva restricted area on the left side of the shooting like a shot, the ball sliding from the door. At the end of the first half, the Swiss team temporarily 2-0 leading portugal. Easy side battles the second half, even for two people in Portugal, Hill debut for Adair, Joao Mario for Carvalho. Fifty-fourth minutes, Erie Benzema Zhise, Eph rowitch road to follow the single form, Patricio will be out in time to rescue the ball. Sixty-first minutes, Moutinho cross, Nani left the ball low shot was blocked after the cut. Sixty-fifth minutes, Adrian – Silva arc distance Foot Artillery, the ball just wide. Seventieth minutes, Adair cross knock the penalty area, and Mario hit the door wide of the right post. Seventy-fifth minutes, Feng te相关的主题文章: