With a sincere and sweat Cambodia friendship – Beijing-yezimei

With a sincere and sweat Cambodia friendship "- Beijing, Kingdom of Cambodia king Sihamoni invited President Xi Jinping on October 13th to 14 state visit to Kingdom of Cambodia. This is the eighteen since the main leaders of China’s first visit to Cambodia, as Kampuchea’s prime minister Hong Sen said: "President Xi Jinping’s visit to Cambodia’s state visit has historical and important significance, will promote bilateral traditional friendship, strengthen brotherly bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperation." The climate is often hot, Tian salt production, custom is abundant, rich, this is the Ming Dynasty navigator Zheng He eyes of Kampuchea; "there is the largest temple – the world cultural heritage Angkor Wat" in the world, this is the eyes of Kampuchea tourists. "Chinese and Kampuchea are in perfect sympathy with each other’s good friend, Chinese fellowlike and Kampuchea are good neighbors, this is president Xi Jinping recently in the Cambodian language newspaper" Kampuchea light "published views, accurate depict the value coordinate of Cambodia in the current. Geographical proximity, cultural similarities, friendly exchanges between the two countries more than thousands of years. For example, Kampuchea is located in the center of the Angkor Angkor Thom Bayon, the mural sculpture of ancient Chinese merchants with the people of Kampuchea with the vivid scene. After the founding of new Chinese, Cambodia is opening a new chapter, thanks to the careful cultivation of the older generation of leaders. In recent years, Sino Cambodian relations is a step by step. For example, in April 2006, Cambodia announced the establishment of a comprehensive cooperative partnership. In December 2010, bilateral relations have been upgraded to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Cambodia are neighbors, friends, also have fraternal relations. Cambodia has deep trade, which is to promote the Sino Cambodian relations continue friendly lubricant. According to statistics, China has 3 consecutive years is Kampuchea’s largest trading partner, the largest source of investment, bilateral trade volume in 2015 exceeded $4 billion 400 million. As the development momentum, bilateral trade will continue to expand, more directly benefit the people of the two countries. At the turn of the country, is a blind date." According to statistics, Kampuchea received 4 million 800 thousand foreign tourists last year, of which about 800 thousand Chinese tourists, accounting for about 1/6. As of 2015, the Chinese government scholarships to study abroad in Kampuchea, students broke through 1000 people. More and more students to study in Kampuchea China, not only more convenient to master Chinese culture, but also for deepening bilateral friendship and Tim force. "I think the relationship between Kampuchea and Chinese is very good, China always give Kampuchea a lot of help, build bridges and roads, driven by Kampuchea exports is an important partner for the development of Kampuchea." This is a sincere words of college students in Kampuchea. If the Chinese to Kampuchea Bridge Road, Kampuchea people to enjoy a quality of life laid the foundation, so the two politicians in Cambodia between frame bridge of friendship, extended Cambodia Friendship Road, will be in the Cambodian people’s benefit. At present, highly fit Cambodia in national development concept, agreed to speed up the "The Belt and Road" initiative and the "four corners" strategic docking. This provides a good opportunity for the two countries to achieve all-round, multi field, deep development, as well as more and more open space for development. President Xi Jinping’s visit.相关的主题文章: