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"Wisdom travel new" Forum revealed plans for new products of automobile Weima network in September 22, in Beijing in September 21st, "wisdom travel new" theme of the forum held in Shanghai, the forum is organized by the Council for the promotion of international trade Chinese Machinery Industry Branch, automotive knowledge magazine and intelligent electric vehicle China Electronic Chamber of commerce joint special committee hold. Director of the Institute of comprehensive transportation of the national development and Reform Commission Wang Ming, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese automobile industry association chairman Ye Shengji, the car company founder and CEO Shen Hui, HUAWEI China district business advisory planning minister (Deputy Minister of Ministry of Qin Zhuo to solve the program), the Tencent cloud chief architect Liu Xudong, travel by senior vice president Fu Qiang and other guests attended. Participants for the future travel mode and the development of the transportation industry are described and discussed. The car company founder and CEO Shen Hui keynote Weimaraner motors founder, chairman and CEO Shen Hui speech revealed the Weimaraner car of the future product planning "128" strategy, which is based on German technology, mobilize global resources around the 1 core architecture, extension of "STD", "PL" 2 vehicle platforms, at least 8 high-quality mainstream smart cars, since 2018, with more than a new car speed to the market gradually, and value chain solutions through innovative sales, operations, finance, service, information strategy equivalence, form the basis of the hardware platform of laying and intelligent vehicle network coverage. In 2017, company car will service first, to allow users to experience the travel service company. At the end of the conference, the participating companies (vimar automobile, Fosun Group, Tencent, HUAWEI, BOSCH, SIEMENS, and travel by China Unicom, horizon robot, sophisticated electric, helpyou electric, Shenzhen key bridge, Han Yi Technology) together constitute the "wisdom travel business elite exchange", is committed to promoting the development of travel industry and wisdom landing. Participating companies jointly formed a "wisdom travel business elite sink" in the next three to five years, the development of the automobile ‘acceleration’ will be faster, the car value chain will appear odd technology, is a key period for car redefined. "Vimar’s founder, chairman and CEO Shen Hui said that in 2015 the State Council issued the" 2025 "China manufacturing, intelligent network of car for the first time was promoted to national strategic height. Under the impact of the new technology, the car hardware products, has undergone profound changes, today’s car prices are no longer a simple vehicle manufacturers, but travel service providers. There will be "car car of the future" as the basic foothold, listen to the needs of users, the first task is to build a smart car mainstream users without a license and the subsidy cases are willing to buy, and on this basis, the open hardware platform gradually, let more partners in this platform to contact the user, found the intelligent travel together to create value, value chain. Shen Hui said in a speech: "my experience at Volvo and Fiat work tell me, make a reasonable price, stable supply, quality and reliable" Fiat 500 ", far more than making a handmade" Ferrari "many difficulties. But there is not ideal to build a "rich man.相关的主题文章: