Wisconsin Joins The Growing List Of States To Sue To Repeal Obamacare-vidown

UnCategorized It should .e as no surprise that another state is joining in on the Florida lawsuit that is being filed against the guidelines set forth in the new health care package. Wisconsin’s Attorney General has now been permitted to file with over twenty other states, and hopes to be one of the first states to settle in 2011. The move .es as a growing number of Americans want to .pletely repeal Obamacare. The new health care laws described in the package are deemed to be unconstitutional and force taxpayers to purchase insurance plans that are government approved, or else face fines and penalties. There is no such power allowed under the Constitution of the United States and this is seen as an abuse of power by Congress. With Wisconsin joining the fight to repeal Obama care, the total number of states filing some form of lawsuit now totals twenty five, which is half of all of the states in the nation. This does not mean that all of the twenty five remaining states agree with the new policies, or that they are not taking, or contemplating taking, some form of legal action. The lieutenant Governor of Missouri is filing a lawsuit in his own case, and another case pending has been filed on behalf of a small business owner, two U.S. Representatives, and twenty nine members of the legislature for the state of Arizona. Since there has been a change in the party leadership in several other states including (Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Tennessee, Iowa, and Wyoming), it is a good possibility that more states will continue to join the fight to repeal Obamacare, whether by joining the Florida lawsuit, or by filing individual lawsuits on their own. This example of states taking a stance and speaking up for their people in the face of the federal government is truly an example of the seriousness of this issue. No longer are the people content to let government f.et who they have been elected to represent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: