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Win10 Surface watch concept version not handsome to a friend – Sohu digital Zhongguancun online news: now wearable devices have been popular, many manufacturers are developing smart watches, but Microsoft still adhere to the launch of Microsoft Bracelet series, do not know whether we expect Microsoft smart watch out now? Win10  Surface watch concept version   now, the famous designer Sean  McConnell brings us Win10  Surface smart watches concept version; at the same time, more than Win10  Surface smart watches rendering appeared. Win10  Surface watch concept version of   from the renderings, Windows smart watch brand and using Surface language design, magnesium alloy metal shell, equipped with Windows10 system, but also in the square on the screen dynamic magnetic stickers, bring a similar Surface tablet experience, and the watchband minimalist design. In addition, the crown button looks more complex than other watches. Win10  Surface   watch concept version of       note that these are just the designers, it is not clear whether Microsoft really want to launch Win10  Surface smart watch, let us look forward to Microsoft can bring us a surprise. Win10  Surface watch concept version Win10 Surface手表概念版 帅到没朋友-搜狐数码中关村在线消息:现在可穿戴设备已经盛行,很多厂商都在研发智能手表,但微软依然坚持推出微软手环系列,不知道大家是否期待微软智能手表的出现? Win10 Surface手表概念版   现在,著名设计师Sean McConnell为我们带来Win10 Surface智能手表概念版,与此同时,多张Win10 Surface智能手表渲染图现身。 Win10 Surface手表概念版   从渲染图上看,Windows智能手表采用Surface品牌和语言设计,镁合金金属外壳,搭载Windows10系统,而且方形屏幕上还处于动态磁贴,带来类似Surface平板的体验,而且表带采用简约设计。此外,表冠按钮相比其他手表看起来更加复杂。 Win10 Surface手表概念版     值得我们注意的是,这些也仅仅是设计师的设计,现在还不清楚微软是否真的要推出Win10 Surface智能手表,让我们期待一下微软能否给我们带来惊喜。 Win10 Surface手表概念版相关的主题文章: