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Why is it bad to get up in the morning? Wake up, this should be refreshed, comfortably stretch, meet a yawn…… However, after yawning, the whole person is bad breath! Early in the morning, the tone of the day has been destroyed, is there? Going to work and work to communicate with God, there will be a meeting in the afternoon, how to do? Why is bad breath in the morning serious? Every five people may have a bad breath according to the data of the survey results, Tanzania breath was the lowest, only 14%, Switzerland was as high as 83%, however, it may also be the reason investigation methods are not the same. In short, the prevalence of bad breath is not the same around the world. In 2006, a survey of 2000 people showed that the prevalence of bad breath was 26.4%, that is, one in five people have bad breath. In addition to regional differences, most studies suggest that the older, the higher the prevalence of halitosis. As for gender, there is no conclusion, most studies do not think there is no difference between men and women. I am that person, how to treat?! There are a lot of bad breath classification methods, such as true false bad breath halitosis phobia, such as mouth derived non halitosis, such as physiological and pathological halitosis breath, etc etc.. Today we are simply divided into two categories: we can deal with VS. They can’t deal with. What kind of class are you? First, they can deal with bad breath mouth there are many bacteria, including a kind of ‘smelly bacteria’, is the culprit of bad breath. Smelly bacteria can be digested by corruption in the mouth of the retained substances to produce volatile sulfide, that is, bad breath gas, ingredients and fart a little similar. If you want to get rid of bad breath, everything should be done around the ‘eradication of bacteria’, we can do so. 1. Let them homeless this is too simple, brushing and flossing brush, tongue coating and daily cleaning, for smelly bacteria who is seismic tsunami disaster. The study found that more than 2 times a day brushing crowd is far lower than the prevalence of halitosis brushing less than 2 times a day for people, and can reduce brush tongue mouth breath gas concentration 35%~56%. 2. How can we make a stink bug and let us eat and drink, and let the smelly bacteria starve? Rinse your mouth after eating. Otherwise they will hold your meal without slag to chew on one day, on the day…… In addition, after eating chewing gum without sugar, stimulate saliva secretion is a good way. Water does not rot, people can produce 1.5 L a day’s saliva, such rushing flood, smelly bacteria collection of food have been washed away. This is why wake up in the morning feeling particularly obvious cause halitosis — one is asleep, slobber secretion is very weak, which is equal to the bacteria hold your dinner last night on the night of slag, puff fart, the morning of the second day does not stink to blame. 3. Give smelly bacteria drugged tea did not expect it, in fact, tea polyphenols can.相关的主题文章: