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Why shouldn’t refrigerators be put in the kitchen? For the refrigerator, some people like to put in the kitchen, and some people like to put in the restaurant. In fact, the refrigerator is best not placed in the kitchen. Why is that? In the kitchen the biggest advantage is the convenience of cooking materials "". However, when cooking in the kitchen, the temperature is higher, the lampblack is relatively large, the refrigerator refrigeration function loss is too large, but also make the refrigerator easy to be stained with oil. The most important thing is, the kitchen is often fire cooking, and the refrigerator is the need to stay away from the fire. Refrigerator refrigerants are now mainly used R600a (Chinese Name: isobutane), at room temperature and atmospheric pressure is colorless flammable gas. Melting point -159.4 DEG C. Boiling point -11.73 DEG C. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and so on. The explosive limit is 1.9% to 8.4% (volume). Therefore, when it is mixed with air to a certain proportion, prone to explosion in case of fire, if the explosion power is equivalent to half a grenade. So it’s better not to put the fridge in the kitchen, where there’s an open flame. Therefore, if you are at home, or should be placed in the restaurant, the restaurant space may be larger than the big kitchen, put to a proper extent is also beneficial to the indoor appearance. At the same time, it is very convenient to take fruit, drinks and so on. In short, the refrigerator must be placed in the ventilation and heat dissipation good place, avoid direct sunlight, as far as possible to keep it away from the stove, hot air heating and air conditioning and other appliances.

电冰箱为什么最好不要摆放在厨房里?  对于冰箱来说,有的人喜欢摆放在厨房,有的人喜欢摆放在餐厅。其实,冰箱最好不要摆放在厨房里。这又是为什么呢?  放在厨房最大的好处是方便做饭时“就地取材”。但是,厨房在做饭时温度较高,油烟比较大,冰箱制冷功能运作时损耗过大,也会使冰箱容易沾满油污。最重要的是,厨房里面经常生火做饭,而冰箱恰恰是需要远离火源。  现在冰箱制冷剂主要使用R600a(中文名称:异丁烷),常温常压下为无色可燃性气体。熔点-159.4℃。沸点-11.73℃。微溶于水,可溶于乙醇、乙醚等。与空气形成爆炸性混合物,爆炸极限为1.9%~8.4%(体积)。因此,当它与空气混合到一定比例,遇明火时就容易发生爆炸,如果爆炸,威力相当于半个手雷。所以最好不要将冰箱放在厨房等有明火的地方。  因此,如果是在家中,还是建议优先摆放在餐厅,餐厅空间可能会比厨房大,恰如其分的摆放还有利于室内美观。同时,对于取拿水果、饮料等都十分方便。  总之,冰箱一定要摆放在通风、散热好的地方,避免太阳直射,要尽可能让它远离灶台、暖气、空调热风口和其他电器。相关的主题文章: