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Why do they want to become "public" in a year? Original title: why do they want to become a year in the national test season, public? Beijing, Beijing, October (Xinhua Lv Chunrong) (15) to the national test season. In recent years, the national exam fever, enrollment has been more than one million, which, in addition to many new graduates, many returnees, the workplace have joined the ranks of candidates. This year, there are many countries will be on the exam candidates on the journey to the civil service, then, this group of people eager to become "public" why people choose the country? How do they look at civil service positions? For all graduating students occupation stability test in the Warring States period in February this year, a display media has issued a national examination on the attractiveness of the investigation, there are still accounted for 41% of the people in favor of civil service positions, attractive jobs in the first row. The main reason is that the civil service career stability, high social status. Every year the national examination, this year’s graduates are the main force, apparently, in addition to civil servants, they have many career options. However, the civil service career stability, high social status or attract a lot of fresh graduates, Gansu, a class of two college graduates Yang Lan is one of them. Yang Lan was born in a small town in Gansu for a long time, her greatest wish is to get a graduation office "". To this end, she is now full of Pro forma. In her view, the civil service is a decent and stable work, although wages are not high, but because of the local cost of living is not high, as long as you can get more than 2000 yuan salary, she was very satisfied. Like many students, and in fact, in the heart Yang Lan, also had to fight the big city dream, she was ready to take advantage of the young to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen to go, but with the time of graduation approaching, she and many schoolmates, ideas tend to be realistic. "If you can find a decent and stable work, which is more practical for themselves and their families, as to whether the content of their own work, it does not matter." Yang Lan said. The same is a fresh graduate, Lv Fang’s consideration is somewhat different, in Beijing, she hopes to continue to stay in the city. Therefore, admitted to the civil service, settled in Beijing, and live a stable and decent life, she is now the biggest wish. Civil service exam is mainly to see their work stable, decent, as wages, I expect not high." In Lv Fang seems, at present, graduates generally not too high wages, more than three thousand yuan. As they said, in June this year, written by Mycos Institute "employment Blue Book: 2016 China employment report" said that the 2015 session of the China college graduates six months after graduation, the average monthly income of 3726 yuan. Data chart. Photo by Kan Feng master of returnees to spend a million class pro forma national exams countdown, in a civil service exam training institutions in Beijing in Haidian District, in addition to many graduating students, many high educated returnees have joined for. Earlier, media reports, according to statistics, from 1978 to the end of 2015, a total of 4 million 42 thousand and 100 people of all kinds of overseas students, the completion of the study after the completion of the selection of 2 million 218 thousand and 600 people to return home. In recent years, the national examination enthusiasm, kimitoshi相关的主题文章: