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Business What was iLearning Global: The founder of iLearning Global (iLG) was Brian Tracy who was a known for speaking and writing about personal development. He wanted to take what he has learned and teach it to the world by creating a partnership with a .pany that had the same goals as he did including creating great sales and profits. The Self Development products were available to all the representatives 24/7. What did iLearning Global representatives do: The representatives of iLG were independent marketers who referred others through various methods of networking by selling these self development training products to others and by every person they referred, they were given residual profits by the .pany. What Happened: iLearning Global Shutdown it’s .pany on March 17, 2010 because they found themselves no longer .petitive in today’s online industry. The Trainings they offered to their employees were trainings that can be found just about anywhere on the internet for low cost or no cost at all due to technology be.ing more available via Video Streaming. The information and training they provided to their business partners has definitely be.e more .mon and therefore caused the iLearning global shutdown. What Should the ILG rep’s Do Next: My heart goes out to all of the iLG representatives and my desire for them is that they stand up and take this as an open door to another opportunity. There is still hope for all ILG Reps, don’t lose hope on the internet as I mentioned, there is more opportunity for you out there and you can go beyond what you have ever dreamed of. Look at it as an open door that awaits for you to walk in. Do your research and focus on .panies that have great track records for helping Online Entrepreneurs succeed at earning great in.e online. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: