Why are there two treasure, but let Dabao become anxious love temper – mother of Sohu-punyu

Why are there two treasure, but let Dabao become anxious love temper – Sohu mother little plum sister: child full liberalization, many families in two children age, increase the joy for the family, also brought more responsibility for parents, increases the family educational difficulty. The child blood, but very different personalities, how to better integrate children, better education, we need to thinking about the problems of family education, create a good educational environment for children. Now the second era comes, many families have also ushered in the two treasures, many families are going to do for the two treasure, we do not want to let the children like this generation like most are the only child, want to let the children have a partner is not alone, or grow up in the future should be according to each other. Now the living conditions are relatively good, except perhaps like Beijing, like Shenzhen and Shanghai first-tier cities to second economic pressure, especially the three or four line of the city’s people to have a second child, the pressure will be much smaller, you will generally expect to receive his two treasure arrival. In particular, this year is the year of the monkey, there are too many parents have ushered in their two treasure, can be seen everywhere on the street with a big belly of the mother of the two treasure. With the advent of pregnant with a second child or child, we face a very real problem, is that of the great treasure. The second release, one time became the focus of everyone, many TV network will appear because there is a child, Dabao runaways, forced abortion, mother Dabao abused two treasure… And so on… Like news, also let us in their own home Dabao worry. I’ve seen a lot of children, parents were asked whether want a brother and sister, will shout: "don’t" at this time, parents may wonder said: "you see kids today don’t want a brother and sister, are too selfish". But there are also a part of the treasure is a very want to have a brother and sister. Whether it is exclusive or Dabao want brother and sister, let some phenomenon let us think about it, you can find the answer, the greatest responsibility is in fact in the parents of family members. Let us from the following points as we analysis the cause of the problem, I hope to help the parents of child family or is about to have a second child, find their families in the presence or problems that may arise. 1, we start from the national release the second thing to talk about, whether it is single child, second child alone, to the full liberalization of the second child, was released in the release before a period of time, remember the full liberalization of the second child half a year ago, there is a news report, a local Family Planning Commission denied to the full release the second rumor. The second release for us is suddenly, many parents didn’t have enough conditions to have a second child soon ushered in his second child, it is not too much to Dabao psychological preparation. You may feel pregnant in October, so long time not too suddenly! In fact, I said suddenly to say in terms of education, from Dabao birth, parents have never thought about what time they will have two treasure, with both parents, the family of six adults and one child, can be said to be so good, show the utmost solicitude. Children in the family’s doting, will not be changed, selfish, violent temper!相关的主题文章: