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When you don’t know what to say when you tell the truth – Sohu | Ma Ma Rui author maternal tree (the "Kai TERT story" WeChat public number exclusive debut, reprint please contact tougao@ksjgs) Kay said kaishushuo was not a tertiary language is more powerful than real. Say each other’s true feelings, the child will soon be removed from the heart of the line of defense, because you know him. Express your true feelings, and soon the child will stand in your position to see you, because he understands you. As a parent, many times, we do not know what to say to the child. "What you can say," things are not the way they look forward to. The current situation is not their own experience. Do not speak, as if a little. Said, and seems to be a little more. What the hell is that? 01 a young girl’s mother, "ancestral" and "criticism, criticism, command, and child communication chatter" for 13 years, after the P.E.T. workshop, and met the children yelled at her to let her leave the room: "don’t worry about my homework, bored to death!". But the mother jerky just learned to use "I" way to express their true feelings for the child: "Mom always know you, you feel very tired. In fact, my mother does not want to always because of homework and you are not happy, so many years, a mention of the work, you will be bored. But the teacher is always because you do not do homework, in all the parents of the WeChat group criticized mother, I feel very face, but also very worried about your learning." "The child faced desk, I stood behind her, I saw her eyes suffused with tears, but she would not speak." The mother who had a lot of gray hair said, "she did not look back, do not respond to me, I stood there, do not know what to do. I would like to go up a little closer to her, but she was afraid of trouble. I think maybe I should walk away quietly, but I feel dejected. I was very sincere to express their feelings, but she did not respond, I am very disappointed." "What am I supposed to do?" My mother asked anxiously, "what should I say?" "You are not as good as you…… To tell you the truth, "I said. My mother is very sincere to tell you how I feel, but you did not respond, did not look back, I feel very disappointed. Mother is standing here now, I really don’t know what to do. I want to walk a little closer to you, but I’m afraid you are tired. If so silent, I feel very brown, very uncomfortable." "Yeah, that’s what I really thought!" My mother said, "if I did, maybe the child would understand me better. I have so many years with her mother’s shelf, always wanted to let her know what I said is right, never dared to let her know that I actually very weak". 02 there is a time, I was more than two years old children, the first time because of the problem of N brush, half an hour in the bathroom war. "Why should brush" the truth has a repeater, similarly -相关的主题文章: