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What kind of parents are you? You can see from the pet phrase! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand don’t underestimate your pet phrase, determine your pet phrase is a kind of education to parents, what type of a child. A pet phrase: Hello bar (Democratic type) you are full of self-confidence of modern parents, their baby has had a more familiar way of Education — to encourage instead of scolding, praise instead of criticism, let the children in the sunshine of life, grow up healthy and happy — that is what you want education. Parents: children love is wisdom, love. You will give the child reasonable demands, set appropriate goals, and appropriate restrictions on the child’s behavior. At the same time, you will listen carefully to the child’s ideas, give the child attention and love. The influence of children: children who grow up in this way, have a strong sense of self-confidence and good self-control. I believe that through this way of education, he will be in the future, the growth process, the resistance to setbacks will be greatly improved. The most important thing is that the child’s character is healthy and optimistic. Suggestion: say "Hello stick" to praise the specific details, not much praise to children who speak generally, and progress, rather than praise the child’s wisdom and talent, we must let the child know that mom and Dad give something not worthy of pride, their efforts are really proud of the progress. Pet phrase two: Well, listen to you! (Ni Aixing) you are the heart of the parents, it is easy to compromise. Maybe you are really well intentioned ", hope the children can understand your love for him is endless. Parents: children love is to let the children have the final say, you do not meet the principle of the child, the child how to ignore the basic requirements and rules for children. Sometimes, however, you may spoil your head and let the child feel that you are weak and well controlled! The impact on children less than 1 years old children unconditionally meet is right, but the 3 year old child is unconditionally satisfied, all this will give children an illusion — you get things should be, do not have to bear the consequences of doing something wrong. Suggestion: you have to learn to say NO and insist, or let him occasionally stumble, such a child than a safety net in the parents, grow up faster and know how to protect themselves, will be one hundred times more effective than you! Let the children by the point of the gas, is the most precious education! Three pet phrase: I don’t have time! (ignore) in fact, you are helpless parents, for some reason, had to give up with their children, for their own, family and career struggle. May be forced to leave the hometown life under pressure; may also be busy and no time to attend to the energy business, children. Parents: children love but not children. You rarely communicate, often difficult to meet the children, the elderly or nanny, and of their shadows. You may not be able to care for a child’s life相关的主题文章: