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What? Is the most popular in Shanghai is the rural household registration? The account of Shanghai rural to Fortune City people only envy, our impression of the farmers is such hard work in the fields, dependent on the weather, on the ground of the harvest of domestic subsidies! But now with the appropriate tilt farmers’ economic development and policy environment and income have increased built a small house, the quality of life to rise slowly! Of course, this can not be separated from the welfare of the Chinese policy in 2016, but it is better to not do it. Don’t be too jealous of the city people. It’s the real spring of your agricultural account. In 2016 a few days of people in rural areas will usher in a more significant good news is the first state department to the "three rural" sent the first gift of the "Office of the State Council on promoting rural one or two, three industrial convergence development guidance", covering the development of rural industry integration aspects, broaden the channels of farmers’ income, to agriculture, in rural areas, farmers more real dividends. Recently, the State Council issued the opinions on integrating the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents. It clearly proposed two systems to integrate urban residents’ basic medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical system, and set up a unified basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents. This means that the rural people and the townspeople can enjoy the equity of basic medical insurance fair, and the welfare of the peasants has been improved. The rural residence is also on duty! Look at the welfare of the rural household. Farmers with contracted and homestead can build houses in their own homestead. Contract land, homestead, woodland and all kinds of subsidies, as well as the appreciation of the land in the suburban area, result in the higher and higher gold content of the rural household registration, and the attraction of the rural household registration. Enjoy collective income distribution rights and other collective economic interests. In some places such as the village where there is now accounts, regardless of size, per person per year to dividends, but if you can’t join in the accounts, dividends. The land expropriation compensation shall be expropriated or expropriated on the peasants’ collective land, and are compensated in accordance with the original use of the land expropriated. Housing farmers can buy a house in the city, but urban residents go to the countryside to buy a house without legal protection. The large disease insurance and the new rural cooperative rural cooperative system (NCMS) are the farmers’ medical mutual aid and mutual aid system, which is based on the overall planning of large diseases. The high medical expenses of big illness insurance are reimbursed for the high medical expenses, and the proportion of the reimbursement for the farmers participating in the new rural cooperation is not less than 50%. The new NCMS per capita funding government gives some subsidies. There are some villages in the old-age insurance. The people in rural areas, who are over 45 years old and over 40 years old, all buy old-age insurance. As long as there is a small fraction of the money, the man can get to a certain pension every month by the age of 60 and the woman at the age of 55. On the other hand, people with non – agricultural accounts must buy their own pension insurance if they do not have a job. Family both spouses are agricultural population, the first child is a girl may have a second child (of course, now the country has liberalized the two-child policy), rural one-child families and women households families enjoy state subsidies. Compulsory education in rural areas is free of charge. It’s a lot of welfare. Xian! Mu! The friends of the rural household must cherish it! I hope there will be more good policies in the future. Do you want to wait for me to sell the house in the city and go back to my home town when I am old, so I will go back to live in the grand villa. When we are old, we will go back to the rural old home, where there is the most simple village, which is my starting point. We’re old, they returned to the countryside, where the blue sky and white clouds, green water, starry night a lot of flowers and fruit and let the kids next door and I was the same kind of climbing a fence so many dishes, tomato, pepper, eggplant, Peas… Go a few steps can pick fresh crisp onions! A flock of ducks and furtively raising a few flowers Rooster keep a yellow cat to catch mice to raise a dog at home when we are old, they returned to the countryside a small bridge, a wisp of smoke a river, an old tree and the sound of a local accent…… When we are old, we go back to the countryside for many years. After all these years, we will eventually go back to this place. A place called hometown is full of wild flowers. That’s my hometown. It’s also my life’s thoughts. Move fingers to check traffic violations at any time. Sweep a two-dimensional code below, pay attention to the Tencent. Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

什么?在上海最吃香的其实是农村户口?!上海的农村户口这次要发大财了城里人只能羡慕嫉妒恨以前,我们印象中的农民是这样的辛辛苦苦在田里劳作,靠天吃饭,靠地里的收成补贴家用!但是现在随着经济发展和政策的适当倾斜农民的生活环境和收入都有所增长盖起了小洋房,生活质量蹭蹭的往上涨!当然,这离不开中国政策2016年农民的福利,更是好到不行!城里人不要太羡慕哦!是农业户口的你真正的春天来啦!2016年没过几天农村人就迎来了更多重大利好消息首先是国务院给“三农”送出的首份大礼《国务院办公厅关于推进农村一、二、三产业融合发展的指导意见》,内容涵盖个农村产业融合发展的方方面面,拓宽农民增收渠道,给农业、农村、农民更多实打实的红利。近日,国务院发布了《关于整合城乡居民基本医疗保险制度的意见》,明确提出整合城镇居民基本医疗保险和新型农村合作医疗两项制度,建立统一的城乡居民基本医疗保险制度。这意味着,农村人和城里人可以公平享有基本医疗保险权益,农民的福利提升了!农村户口也就值钱啦!来看看农村户口还有哪些福利!拥有承包地和宅基地农民可在自家宅基地建房。承包地、宅基地、林地以及各种各样的补贴,还有近郊区的土地升值,导致农村户口的含金量越来越高,使农村户籍的吸引力上升。享受到集体收益分配权分配土地等集体经济利益。如有些地方现在村里凡有户口的,不论大小,每人每年能分红,但如果户口迁出,就不能参加分红了。征地补偿对农民集体所有土地实行征收或征用,并按照被征地的原用途给予补偿。买房农民可以到城市买房,但城市居民到农村买房不受法律保护。大病保险和新农合新农合是以大病统筹为主的农民医疗互助共济制度。大病保险对患大病发生的高额医疗费用给予报销,针对参与新农合的农民报销比例不低于50%。新农合人均筹资政府给与一定补助。养老保险有些村里,农村户口的人,凡男的45岁以上、女的40岁以上,都买了养老保险。只要出很少一部分钱,男的到60岁,女的到55岁,每月就可以领到一定的养老金。相反,非农业户口的人如果没有工作,就必须自己买养老保险。生育夫妻双方均属农业人口,第一个子女是女孩的可以生二胎(当然现在国家已经放开二胎政策了),农村独生子女家庭和二女户家庭享受国家补助。教育部分地区农村义务教育全部免费。真是好多福利呢~忍不住好!羡!慕!农村户口的朋友们一定要好好珍惜!也希望以后能有更多好政策出台~一起期待吧!你是不是也在想等我老了卖掉城里的房子回到家乡,回去住大别墅等我们老了,就回农村老家,这里有最淳朴的村庄,是我的起点!等我们老了,就回农村老家,这里蓝天白云绿水,夜晚繁星点点种很多很多的花和水果让邻家小孩和我小时候一样爬篱笆种很多很多的菜,番茄、辣椒、茄子、豌豆…出门几步就能采摘新鲜脆嫩的葱!养一群贼头贼脑的鸭子再养几只花公鸡养一只黄猫去逮耗子养一只土狗看着家等我们老了,就回农村老家一座小桥,一缕炊烟一条小河,一棵老树还有那一声乡音……等我们老了,就回农村老家走了这么多年,终究还是要回这个地方一个名叫家乡的地方在那开满野花的田地,那就是我的故乡也是我一世的念想… 动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: