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Arts-and-Entertainment According to West Ridge Academy, the Eagle Scout is the highest possible honor that is awarded by the Boy Scouts of America. To be a recipient of the award, the student must show undeniable qualities in leadership, organization, .mitment and management while demonstrating excellence in scouting and .munity service projects. An aspiring scout must be doggedly determined to reach his goal to be.e an Eagle Scout as it is not an easy feat to do. Some of the prerequisites are 21 Boy Scout merit badges, and scout spirit excellence through an active and personal involvement in school, church or .munity-based service projects. Upon .pletion of the above mentioned requirements, the aspriring scout will be endorsed to a board of review which will deliberate if he can be given the Eagle Scout award or not. An aspiring Eagle Scout should also be able to perform well in the following areas: camping, first aid, family life, personal fitness, personal management, citizenship in the .munity, citizenship in the nation, citizenship in the world, .munications, emergency preparedness or lifesaving, environmental science, and cycling or hiking or swimming. Since the award was introduced in 1912 by the Boy Scouts of America, only an estimated 2% of all boys who start the Boy Scouts program actually attain the rank of Eagle Scout. In view of this, West Ridge Academy’s production of 60 Eagle Scout recipients in the past five years alone is a remarkable achievement. West Ridge Academy is a duly recognized boarding school dedicated to helping troubled teens and mold them into positive individuals by teaching them the school’s moral and spiritual values designed to introduce inner and lasting change and not just outward or temporary change in their students. In addition to their scouting program, West Ridge Academy also utilizes sports, academics, and other innovative approaches in order to treat mental, physical and spiritual issues of teens and their families. Because of their training as an example for the other scouts, many Eagle Scout recipients be.e ac.plished leaders in their respective fields later on in life. Some of the outstanding Eagle Scout recipients who went on to make a mark for themselves in their respective careers were: Nobel Prize laureates Dudley Herschbach, Peter Agre, Robert Coleman Richardson and Frederick Reines; Neil Armstrong and forty other astronauts, including 10 of the 11 Apollo mission astronauts who have set foot on the moon; businessmen Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart), J.W. Marriott, Jr. (Marriott International Hotels CEO), and Michael Bloomberg (founder of the Bloomberg media conglomerate); American President Gerald Ford; Academy Award-winning film makers Michael Moore and Steven Spielberg, among others. Considering the pace that West Ridge Academy has been producing Eagle Scouts during the past five years, it wouldn’t be a far-fectched idea if we would see one of their alumni make it to this elite list in the next few years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: