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WE clan CEO: Thank you if you want to know when the money to the account? In the face of the upcoming transfer period, many clubs have begun to have a small move, such as WE’s official recently hinted that someone may leave, because it does not fit WE or the price is not satisfied. Recently, if the wind in the broadcast also said that some people want to dig WE, and he said: there are money problems, I come out! I want to hear that again, congratulations WE! Recently, the WE CEO small animals on the dig WE players do a reply, the response is as follows: in accordance with the current situation, there is a fist with the presence of Tencent, digging the players is almost impossible. When the games before the season, the team members are indeed looking for other teams, but also within the contract period, so they did not consider, also told this little beast. But there is no dig our players, I am not particularly clear, the end of the game and the players talked about the contract renewal, will be announced later. Oh, yes, the wind is to invest two hundred to three million support our club, I am particularly grateful to the wind, but also particularly want to know when the money can be credited. There are also a lot of LPL fans are still wondering who is likely to transfer? First of all, zero, recently saw zero back to South Korea also appeared in the LCK League, so that WE fans mistakenly thought he was gone, in fact, just on vacation. There are also rumors have spotted his brother-in-law nouveau riche, because the ADC level has been very high, but also can absorb the high value of Yan powder; if the wind was talked about digging crew. While to the brother-in-law of mad brush gift, more like a hint: I have the money, you don’t want to move him. CEO also mentioned, when season dig, then WE should be the most dazzling Kande! In the spring season because he is attracted to the Dragon grab a lot of popularity, in fact, in a variety of M3 eye operation also many, also have been dug. As for the wind said the giants want to dig WE, who do you think will be?相关的主题文章: