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UnCategorized It’s no secret that .panies are increasingly dependent on information and technology. This dependency grows as their customer base increases and also as new technologies and regulations increase the amount of data needed for each customer. Organizations need to ensure their IT infrastructure keeps pace or their operations can .e to a screaming halt. Dealing With Growing Information Demands Organizations are often operating with outdated IT infrastructure. Even systems implemented only a few short years ago will oftentimes not have the scalability to deal with the exponential growth of information technology. Routine business information used to mean email and large file transfers. Today it may mean live video feeds and SaaS applications. Trying to route bandwidth-hungry applications over old networks can bring the system crashing down. As information demands have increased, so have the opportunities for data loss. Older data protection solutions aren’t able to defend against modern threats. Data loss or theft can devastate a .pany for reasons such as loss of public confidence or financial penalties imposed by government regulators. Organizations try to keep up with the latest technologies that enhance productivity, but without the IT infrastructure and data protection solutions to support them, these new applications can often do more harm than good. Finding The Right Technology For Your Organization IT infrastructure upgrades are not always a matter of simply throwing money at the latest innovation. Practical strategies need to start with an analysis of the .pany’s information access and protection requirements, and a .parison of the features of possible solutions. The best option for one .pany is not always the best option for another. It’s also important to remember that newer isn’t always better. Newer software technologies may put strain on existing IT infrastructure and hardware. Upgrading the entire corporate IT structure may be possible, but may not be the most cost-effective solution. Faster connections, bigger servers, more powerful client machines are options, but are they the right choice for the current and future needs of the .pany? There are a variety of .munication and data protection solutions available for organizations of every description, and it is important to take the time to find the ideal option before making a decision. Implementation And Education Once a strategy of IT infrastructure upgrades and data protection solutions has been devised, an implementation plan should rank next on the action item agenda. Having a roadmap of future changes will help ensure the upgrades are installed with a minimum of disruption to .pany operations. End users may not even be aware changes have been made until they notice faster and more reliable data access. A big part of implementation is education. Technology is only as good as the people operating it. IT personnel should be briefed on any new technologies deployed so they understand their strengths and pitfalls. Users should be instructed in proper use of any new software applications. Changes in procedures may be necessary to fully exploit the new systems, and these changes should be .municated clearly to all relevant personnel. Plan For Future Growth After experiencing a major IT infrastructure upgrade, you don’t want to find yourself in the same situation in a few years. Current data protection solutions need to consider not only current, but also, future information needs. Although the future always contains a few surprises, intelligent planning will ensure the .pany is in the best position possible to deal with changes on information traffic. Existing IT infrastructure and data protection solutions should be regularly reviewed to see if they will meet expected future demands. The time to implement more upgrades is before bottlenecks slow down .pany productivity. Keeping an eye on future developments allows the .pany to implement necessary changes well before a crisis hits. This allows the system to operate smoothly and efficiently at all times. Always review new technology trends to see if they would benefit the organization. Some new tools should be adopted quickly, while others may be irrelevant to the .pany’s operation and be ignored no matter how popular or trendy they are at the moment. Corporate information demands will continue to grow at a staggering rate for the foreseeable future. .anizations need to plan ahead to ensure their IT infrastructure and data protection solutions are well established long before data access requirements get out of control. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: