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Arts-and-Entertainment Resident evil Afterlife a new movie The resident evil after life is the sequel of resident evil, which has caused great movement among the fans after the announcement of its releasing date. As resident evil has its own merits and fits best according to the expectations of the viewers. It has been loved most because it is being released in 3D, it doubles the entertaining effect. 3D effects The resident evil is full of best action scenes and 3d doubles the experience for the viewers. The action and thrill in 3D do best for the viewers. In short Umbrella Corporation and Alice are once again ready to bring some new action along with entertainment for the viewers. The plot The story goes around in such a way that the T virus spreads throughout, more than often and ALICE tries to protect the survivors. She gains little help from a friend who tells her to step into the umbrella corporation with a new aim. The goods The action scenes of the movie are awesome and looks more cool in the eye popping 3D. With a good budget and a brilliant cast, the movie is set to blow off the viewers as the director Paul W. S. Anderson sets new heights for an action/adventure movie. Legend of the guardians Another recently released movie named as LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS; the owls of Ga Hoole have been released. The best description about this movie is that it has been directed by the director of "300" and "WATCHMEN" and has been animated by the people who have animated "THE HAPPY FEAT". This automatically speaks about the movie. Story line The story is actually based upon the legend of a tribe that has warriors to protect their people from the evil. From these people, a young owl got abducted by some evil owls; he has to manage to escape from the evil owls to reach to the guardians for saving the world. While managing this, he has to face many problems, which he tries to over.e. 3D visuals The story interest is further increased by the jaw dropping 3D visuals and extremely real looking animation. With all the visuals, story and the direction, the movie is a must watch for all age groups. It is a full entertainment and fulfilled the expectations of its fans to a great extent. The 3D has taken the cinema to one step forward by providing real effects to the movies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: