Was high after the acquisition of NXP carrying three autopilot products unveiled dingxiangwuyuetian

Was high after the acquisition of NXP carrying three autopilot products unveiled recently because Qualcomm takeover agreement and boarded the headlines on the industry, a series of new products released on Monday, may explain why mobile chip giant will favor it for me. According to NXP official introduction, these three products are for the automatic driving vehicle technology development. According to car cloud understanding, NXP announced a new product in the micro controller with forward radar vehicle can provide high computational power than the previous generation 4 times. Based on better performance, it can provide a higher radar detection accuracy and thus help to make automatic braking, lane changing and adaptive cruise function better performance. NXP official said, this will help to improve the future object automatic driving vehicle detection speed and tracking way appeared, including pedestrian and bicycle. At present, this product has been tested in some models on NXP preferred customers, is expected to be listed in the 2017 volume. Second new models (DAF and Trucks), DAF trucks Honda and SIEMENS cooperation in the development of a set of truck driving solutions. This program uses V2X communications technology, can be achieved in 2017 by connecting the automatic truck fleet response time is 30 times faster than the artificial driving vehicles. This will make truck operators more efficient, because the new technology compared to the artificial driving in the car to maintain a reasonable distance and respond to accidental insertion of the team’s private car has a better response. NXP cooperation with Cohda Wireless released third products. This partnership will enable the use of V2X algorithm to NXP Cohda development, let the customer more easily use related technology from the infrastructure such as traffic lights, radar detection head and other peripheral vehicles to collect data, the intelligent decision-making system is developed. Not surprisingly, NXP and Qualcomm after the merger will continue to play a leader of automatic driving technology in the field of industry, which will help the company achieve great investment value in return.相关的主题文章: