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Wang Yongpo has repeatedly misdiagnosed Lu media: the return of the king back – Taishan evening news sports Sohu questioned cattle Zhiming "under the field I may not be good at socializing, call me slugger people might not fully understand to me. Before someone says Han Peng Gonzalez, because everyone says some public opinion down in the premise of evaluation in a don’t understand either, it is not fair. And I am familiar with the fans, friends, media friends, more comprehensive understanding of me, I was in the team or usual, I met a larger than the elder brother. I do worry a training match to say a few words, but not to bully them "these words from Wang Yongpo, Luneng youth leader, who won Luneng’s hero, but has now become a part of the Luneng fans" nail eyes". If you want to say the most this season Luneng player was black, the first is Wang Yongpo, some people even at a fixed point in time to Post Bar or micro-blog to the black black after him, can find Wang Yongpo signature, troll world, we do not understand. Wang Yongpo of the season, a key word is injury. At the beginning of the season, Wang Yongpo suffered injuries, his leg injury has been plagued by him, and a direct impact on his playing time. But, he has been injured in the stick, AFC Champions League qualification to the group phase, Wang Yongpo scored a goal sent three assists, becoming the team into the key role of the race. Although the appearance is not much in the league this season, but he still contributed three goals, while Wang Yongpo scored the game, Luneng 2 wins and 1 losses, he scored a crucial second goal against Greentown, against Liaozu, he scored the second goal is. Against Fuli, Wang Yongpo free kick to help the team back, but the team later reversed defeat. 852 minutes of playing time scored 3 goals, Wang Yongpo Luneng goal is the highest efficiency of local players, which is his advantage. Some people may question Wang Yongpo’s spirit, that it is a misunderstanding. Wang Yongpo is the best location of the waist, often go to a few seasons as winger or midfielder, but no matter what position Wang Yongpo, who can do is try your best. Especially in this season is extremely difficult circumstances, Wang Yongpo is really anxious. Players in the game after the passage, the reporter has repeatedly communicate with Wang Yongpo, the kind of sense of belonging to the team absolutely beyond doubt, after all, he had a brilliant experience, do not want to see the beloved team so down. Unfortunately, Wang Yongpo suffered injuries, not in the most difficult time to carry the team. It is reported that Wang Yongpo is the reason why the injury occurred repeatedly because of misdiagnosis, he is trying to recover as soon as possible, but there is no good place. Throughout the second half of the season, Wang Yongpo has been struggling with injuries, tried, but powerless. When he was unable to play due to injury, there are people in fabricating rumors in the dark he, can only say that I. Have had the opportunity to see a number of players in the game Luneng running data, which against the national security game, Luneng, although 0 to lose the game, but the team is really very difficult to fight the game. Wang Yongpo ran away from the team in the game second, Liu Binbin first. It was the last game of Menezes’s game.相关的主题文章: