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Wang Sicong: Pan entertainment map has a complete industrial chain as compared to MIPS capital investment trends family investment platform, Wang Sicong more people called his personal interest in the pan entertainment industry show and sensitive. Whether this will create their own personal independence of conduct "Wang Sicong" IP like "become walking traffic entrance, still in the market for a while" play "gaming, while women sign such generous yet" head "layout, to the market many expectations — Wang Sicong was actually how a chess? 2015 is new year’s pan entertainment of all capital investment, go hand in hand, just like a pair of" the first card to open the idea. This one comes with a "game player" property, big money halo Wang Sicong also reached them, in a short period of more than a year of layout, have been carded out under the performance brokerage, sports, tours, music and film the five direction of the banana plan and gaming platform panda TV. Shun securities analyst said: "through a series of layout, from game development and operation, to electronic games, the game live, Wang Sicong opened the two big puleses game industry, improve the layout of the whole industry chain investment game." And as of now, the layout has been exposed edge. Wang Sicong is the largest net volume 260 million China red banana plan in August 2015, Wang Sicong signed a public Korean girl group T-ara, brush and set up a brokerage firm banana news plans for the plan through the circle of friends. This is the first time the banana program exposure, and then the market most think this is mostly a good investment. Soon, however, things went beyond what most people expected. "China business newspaper" reporter through the business information inquiry found that the first investment plan banana main platform for the Shanghai banana plan cultural development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "banana culture plan"), which was founded in June 2015, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, registered business scope mainly in the performance brokerage category. But soon, in October of the same year, the platform registered capital of over 10 times, the change of business for 100 million yuan, during the legal change to Wang Sicong and Gao Xiang, Pei Le, Wang, the business scope has expanded to the development of online games and e-commerce sales. More importantly, before and after the change of the business information, banana planning culture investment company set up five companies, respectively Shanghai banana program sports culture Co. Ltd., Shanghai banana plan performance brokerage Co. Ltd., Shanghai banana program electronic game Co. Ltd., Shanghai banana program music game company and the Shanghai banana program television culture co.. Each registered capital of 10 million yuan, the shareholders are Wang Sicong and the earliest establishment of Shanghai banana Culture Development Co., ltd.. This means that the banana program has become a veritable Wang Sicong pan entertainment layout plan". This did not stop, in 2016 the banana program continues to expand. Which in March Beijing banana Sports Culture Co., Ltd. set up, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the investor is still a banana culture company and Wang Sicong. June, banana program to confirm the completion of a round of electronic travel platform A round of 150 million yuan financing, investors, including IDG and text.相关的主题文章: