Wang Mingfang news former inspection team leader Wu ye will unseat the Sohu

Wang Mingfang news: former inspection team leader Wu ye will unseat the Sohu News Political SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) noted that in August 9th, he was the Anhui provincial CPPCC members and county CPPCC responsible for training report. Informed sources, since he basically did not participate in large-scale public activities, was removed after the two treatment, where she died. The sudden death of the Ministry in recent years when the officials died not too much. Political SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) more deep impression, there are several (possibly remember not complete, welcome message supplement): former Tianjin party secretary Zhang Lichang, died before the turn deputy head of the old industrial bases in Northeast China revitalization of the State Council Leading Group, at the age of 68 when the disease died in 2008; former Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Committee Song Defu turn, died before the deputy head of the central coordination group personnel at the age of 61, died in 2007; when he was party secretary of the Ministry of Commerce Lv Fuyuan, aged 59, died in 2004 when. Also because of the accidental death of the ministerial level officials, such as when he was chairman of the CPPCC Shanxi Province gold and silver Hwan, died in a car accident in 2008, at the age of 56; then the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region President Unbron in 2000, when the car accident death, at the age of 63. The death of Wang Mingfang, the children of farmers who was born in the postal system, work frequently breakthrough, but can’t beat the disease at last. The rhythm of political deathbed knowledge Bureau (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) noted that in August this year, Wang Mingfang in a week or so at least two special reports. A person is responsible for training to the provincial CPPCC members and county CPPCC, a is invited to the Communist Youth League Central Committee, the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, sponsored by the National Federation Chinese college students backbone Training School ninth students to make a special report. Have teaching experience know that normal people sat on the speech one or two hours is laborious, and a disease ingravescent old man. According to reports, since April this year, every month Wang Mingfang make a report to different units: the morning of April 12th, was invited to make a report to the provincial Party school students in spring; the morning of May 16th, was invited to "two a" political report for the province’s procuratorial officers; the morning of June 20th, was invited to provincial traffic control group of Party members and cadres thematic lectures and reports; make a special report on the morning of July 13th, the provincial CPPCC cadres conference. In 2011, the provincial CPPCC Chairman, Wang Mingfang served as Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee for nearly 8 years, lectures on the senior party workers should be transferred to the homely food, even if he is not CPPCC office, put down the line. Whether it is in the provincial CPPCC organs, or to the point of contact for poverty alleviation in Shucheng County, or to young Marx’s mentor group training project consultant, has to cadres, grassroots party members of college students, lectures. Political Bureau (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) found that several times to college students to talk about the party, Wang Mingfang set aside time with young students"相关的主题文章: