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Wang Feng to do poineering work again, this time he wanted to let the music people bid farewell to poverty – Wang Feng and the Sohu of science and technology entrepreneurship, in the last month, led by his "broken music" music platform officially launched, it looks like a music "from the media platform, but the specific product form will then be told, because I think, compared to the product itself and the layout of the business model, the origin of the statements of the business rock star, may be more worth listening to the story. It was in a recent speech in the Tencent that Wang Feng heard that he was starting a new business. Impressive, though still wearing the iconic leather pants… But often the theme of his speech and lyrics such as "ideal" and "faith" is not what big energy relationship, but a naked on the "music and money" problem: "can’t starve music." Wang Feng joked with ease the audience discomfort on the subject, "when Bob · Dylan has won the Nobel prize for literature, I as a rock musician, why so vulgar, talk about money in such an important occasion?" The answer is not blowing in the wind, but the extremely elegant and valuable hit the ground: "because of poor". As a poor experience, 18 years old to 28 years old ten years of writing, life gives Wang Feng an understanding of how pain is, "the original music is not to make money, enhance and record income and fame is not equal, only by taking his money, he quipped:" this is equivalent to a day out work is not paid, after work you drove home by two persons, earn a living." Well, in Chinese, due to copyright issues is not perfect, more creators of the life is not bright, works cannot be directly converted into revenue, also let a lot of young people to give up music. "In 2013 when my performance was in 2009 and 2010 several times the price, a lot of people ask me, you must be very happy, I say that I am very happy, because I am proud to write many favorite songs, but I also feel very ashamed, because I don’t want in this field I am the only one people get the reward, I know there are many people who are very talented." I think that as a singer at the top of the music market in Pyramid, Wang Feng is sincere when he says this, perhaps more sincere than when he was a mentor. So, he will feel the way to fall, just on the line in the broken music. So in the content of entrepreneurship in the environment, the content of the field of music platform can become a good medicine to change the plight of the industry? Poverty of the poor? In fact, in China, music and poverty is a topic of circulation. I was very impressed, a few years ago, Gao Xiaosong had lamented that, in theory, music is a far more than the film industry, but the front of the content contributors are called vulnerable groups. Over the past few years, the situation did not seem to improve too much, Xu Wei recently on the Lu Yu show in a detail: Xu Wei has always insisted on their own to attend business with musicians, recording a song "don’t have much money, if the singer sang album with accompaniment band around zouxue performances, earn a lot of money, the musicians on the right. Musicians in this industry do not do it, many young children to pick up the piano when相关的主题文章: