Walk and walk! Jiaxing, a family of three National Day holiday caravans to travel win7codecs

Walk and walk! Jiaxing, a family of three National Day holiday caravans travel day went out to play? Look at the circle of friends these days, are in the sun according to the oh. But have you ever thought of such a trip? Really is said to walk away! A car is a home to travel. This National Day, Jiaxing Haining has a family of three with RV travel to! It’s really a walking trip. He’s 44 years old, Mao Weiming. Speaking of him, many people may have the impression, at the beginning of this year, in order to read the third son Mao Yuping more time for senior high school entrance examination physical test exercise, he will be touring car parked in Haining near the Hondar junior high school, one family living in the car, eliminating the son on the road every day time. In October 1st, Mao Weiming once again open car, began a national tour of one family. More than 9 o’clock in the morning, Mao Weiming departure from home, to Dongyang Dongbaishan. As expected, some traffic jam on the highway, but the original car speed is not fast, about 100 yards to. Along the way, his car attracted a lot of curiosity and envy. Tired, ready to go back to rest in the car. When a lot of people go out to travel to find a hotel to solve the problem of food and clothing, they can be so leisurely, cooking their own food. When night falls, do not have to worry about is not set to the hotel, before going to bed or with the same home, son to read a book. The heart as the second station, Mao Weiming went to Yueqing of Nanxi River. Along the Nanxi River, Mao Weiming found a piece of land for parking in Donggao village away from the river very near, and. At night, Mao Weiming with his son, holding a flashlight to the riverside walk. The river is very clear, can see a lot of shrimp swim. Father and son play happy laughing and talking. The second day early in the morning, Mao Weiming to the village farms to buy some pork and vegetables in the soil, car fired a few dishes. Mao Weiming wanted to walk along Nanxi River, but too many tourists, car forward some inconvenient, Mao Weiming can only choose the direction to Wenzhou. The scenery of Wenzhou still lets a person exclaim, the environment is beautiful, air is fresh, come and then do not want to leave. Son in too white peak. The next trip, Mao Weiming had no definite plans, because in his opinion, car travel and traditional travel is not the same. Mao Weiming said: "usually, we will choose more attractions to play, but the car you will choose fewer tourists and the natural environment a better place, it will be more convenient parking, car travel is also convenient." Last year National Day, they drove the car, loaded on the pot and folding table, to eat crabs in Taihu. This year, these things are in the car, he only needs to go directly to realize the desire to eat crab. Because, his next stop, perhaps on the edge of Taihu. Go home and family travel to see the world as one might worry, car travel will be some unexpected situations? Mao Weiming told reporters that the car is some basic configuration, for example, has two rooms, the son can also do the homework, the leisure time of satellite TV can see. There are 3 water tanks on the car, one for daily use, one for cleaning, and one for flushing toilets. The tank was almost full, the public toilet is drained to the nearby!相关的主题文章: