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Wait and try to change the mentality of capital market entry opportunities gradually brewing Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using reporter Zhang Yi "now I am ready to enter the market, choose a few stocks, decided 35 years long held, do not focus on short-term fluctuations." Cautious and wise Mr. Zhang said this sentence, really let the author surprised. You know, this cautious guy was a maverick, but just right. In the second half of 2014 he tasted the blue chip feast, but in early 2015 all the clearance, the reason is "cannot read". Then as we laughed and vowed to say "rose slightly jealousy cannot read, do not make this part of the money". Obviously, we all know the things behind, he successfully escaped the two rounds of the stock market fell sharply, and we compared these frequent entangled in the market, he was carefree and content. Now, when we’re desperate, he’s coming in. Looking back on the stock market in the sheep market is not easy, twice sharp adjustment to allow investors to witness the vagaries of the capital market, so ambitious investors looking forward to share capital feast silent. And Mr. Zhang these cautious people ready to move, release a positive signal – wait-and-see funds began to change their mentality and try to enter, and market opportunities in this attempt to gradually brew out. This point in the market did not Xianshanloushui, since last Wednesday hit 2638 points in the continuous phase of low rise slightly, A stock market years in the distribution of "little sheep red ending. Ups and downs, money in and out, creating a difficult to make money appearance, but silent, the stock market has gradually separated from the bottom shock interval orbit, brewing new opportunities. A shares the Spring Festival market has been warmer, the probability of news negative impact appears low. The overseas market, which has just experienced a baptism of wind and rain, is also in a rainbow, and the stock market and the commodity market tend to be optimistic. Thus, for the old topic of "holding or holding money", some people begin to agree with the view of holding shares. Rose Thursday is a kind of evidence, because they want to enjoy the financial benefits of holding cash at the latest on Thursday to deliver chips, can turn out on Friday the securities settlement system, so the market is strong originally confined to close out the interpretation of Zhongyang, the main index recovered the first rebound blocked the 10 day moving average. After continuous decline, the market is still under pressure, but investors are more aware that risk exposure and profit opportunities are always equal. Followed the trend of let’s try to bargain hunting, calmly. For the deep set of investors, before the high cost caused by the anchoring of the psychological role, if the flesh is too large for the game, short-term, physical and mental torture, as when the right to deposit, ease the spring festival. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

观望资金转变心态并尝试入场 市场机遇逐步酝酿 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   本报记者 张怡   “现在我准备入市,选了几只股票,决定三五年长期持有,不关注短线波动。”谨慎而睿智的张先生说这句 话的时候,着实让笔者吃了一惊。要知道,这个谨慎的家伙之前的作为特立独行但又恰如其分。他在2014年下半年尝尽了蓝筹股的盛宴,却在2015年初全部 清仓,理由是“看不懂了”。而后伴随着我们的嘲笑声还信誓旦旦又略有醋意地说“涨得看不懂,不赚这部分钱”。显然,后面的事情大家都知道,他成功躲过了两轮股市大幅下跌,与我们这些频繁纠结于行情的人相比,他过得悠然自得。而今,在我们绝望的时候,他却要进场了。   回顾羊年股市着实不易,两度大幅调整让投资者见证了资本市场的反复无常,让野心勃勃期待分享资本盛宴的股民变得沉默不语。而张先生这些谨慎者的蠢蠢欲动,释放出一种积极信号――观望资金开始转变心态并尝试入场,而市场机遇就在这种跃跃欲试中逐步酝酿出来。   这一点在行情上并未显山露水,自上周三触及2638点的阶段新低之后,在连续小幅攀升中,A股羊年行情在派发“小红包”中收官。涨跌交替、资金进出,营造 出一种难以赚钱的表象,但默不作声间,股市已经逐步脱离了底部震荡区间上轨,酝酿新机遇。A股春节行情历来偏暖,消息面负面冲击出现的概率较低。而刚刚经 历过一翻风雨洗礼的海外市场也迎来彩虹,股市和大宗商品市场形势均趋向乐观。   由此,对于“持股还是持币”这个老话题,一些人开始认同持股观点。周四大涨就是一种佐证,因为希望持币过节享受理财收益的筹码最晚需要在周四兑现,才能够在周五转出证券结算系统,原本因此承压的市场却强势演绎收出中阳,各主要指数收复第一次反弹受阻的10日均线。   经过连续下跌之后,后市仍旧压力重重,但投资者更明白,风险敞口与盈利机会始终是均等的。随后的走势中让我们尽量低吸,以平常心对待。对于深套的投资者,在之前高成本引发的锚定心理作用下,如果此时割肉、博弈短线,对身心折磨过大,不如权当存款,安心过春节。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: