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The villagers running more than a year "stopped" illegal aluminum ore – Society – there have been large trucks out of mining field. The mined hill. JINGWAH Times reporter Huai Ruogu photo for more than a year, Shanxi Lvliang branch Zhuang village Yao Xinglong on the Internet continue to report in Jiaokou County under the peach bauxite illegal cross-border exploitation, no land approval procedures and other issues, then the mine claimed to have been discontinued. Lvliang City Commission announced in August this year, the Jiaokou County Land Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Cannes station personnel make party warning and other sanctions. But reporters found that the current Jiaokou county secretary of homeland Wang Gao also informed officials included in the sanctions, is the subject of any period in which land in Zhongyang County of Lvliang City, the secretary does not perform their duties according to law, to give its administrative warning. Because under the peach aluminum mine by the party warning of the original Jiaokou county secretary of homeland Feng Jianping is the current Secretary of homeland Zhongyang county. JINGWAH Times reporter intern reporter Chen Yujing Huai Ruogu mining enterprises "bought" 45 million village 17 years in Jiaokou County of Lvliang City, Kang Town South Village of hometown village, under the Department of village two groups of villagers, and Hui Long Xiang Tian Zhuang Cun Wei Hui Shang, peach, peach blossom under the club? 3 village groups into a single one. Here the mountain into one. From afar, many mountain has no plants covered, bare loess. This land has been peach Jinlong coal limited and Jiaokou County mining investment limited liability company for 5 years in the absence of land use certificates, accounting department of Yao Xinglong village with villagers over 1 years of experience in the report. Yao Xinglong is 40 years old this year, he and others in the village more than 240 villagers, generations living in this village in the mountains of Lvliang mountains. In the face of the empty mountain, he said, was once covered with bushes and trees, is the villagers live generations of home. Yao Xinglong recalled that in the autumn of 2010, Kang Town Jiaokou county leadership to a village villagers open mobilization meeting, to persuade the villagers out of poverty on the grounds, will own the mountain to rent to Jinlong coal limited company, said the company is legitimate business license. According to the Department of Zhuang villagers introduced, after months of negotiations, most of the villagers agreed to sign all the land leased to the village of Jinlong coal limited company, and obtain the corresponding compensation. In January 7, 2011, Jiaokou County Jinlong coal limited company in Jiaokou County under the peach refractory clay (hereinafter referred to as the peach mine) the agent’s identity, signed the "agreement on science and Kang Town Zhuang villagers group". According to the agreement, to the village of Jinlong coal pay land compensation, compensation, compensation for housing barren hill 7 compensation totaling 35 million yuan, in addition to each of the villagers in the new rural construction standard of new residential 40 square meters (about 10 million yuan). Occupation time from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2027. Get compensation, most of the villagers moved away from the village, all the arable land is gone, including woodland". According to the reporter obtained the agreement shows that in 2013, under the Department of village, Hui Xiang on Peach Blossom village were 39 million yuan, 93 million yuan price, the peach mine occupy 17 years)相关的主题文章: