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The business street 24 hours on the road of science and technology – Sohu news today the two hundred meters, ventured like dangerous, legendary wisdom, and that with the temptation and bitter words of "entrepreneurship", they are like a ghost, concomitant, hidden, wandering around. Wen and Feng Shangyue, editor, Thomas 06:05 garage coffee sofa recovery tramp chainsaw and piling machine voice let me wake up. I shuddered: air conditioning has not stopped, but the air is stagnant. I found myself holding a sofa cushion, a leg was on the edge of the sofa. I looked at the phone, six five. The sky outside the window has gradually lit up. The environment is not very comfortable, but I can not complain: after all, spent only 30 dollars, I spent the night here. In addition to McDonald’s and convenience stores, places like Beijing have disappeared. The people around all curled up on the sofa, his hands on his chest, eyes tired or sleepy. Their clothes were wrinkled and yellow, and looked like a tramp. But when they say "I am an entrepreneur" this sentence, in the eyes of pride will be transient. If you are more eager to learn, their eyes will be filled with light What project to do?" The place where I spend the night is called "garage coffee", which is called "Zhongguancun venture street". After the change of name of the street, 100 years ago, it was called "LAOHUDONG alley", is the most prosperous time of the Zhili town of Haidian business street, called "small dashanlan". 20 years ago, it became "Beijing Haidian Book City Commercial Pedestrian Street", adjacent to Tsinghua and Peking University, the top two institutions, all over the bookstore, ancient books, restaurants and small shops. 2 years ago, it was officially named as the "Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street, from an ordinary commercial street has gradually come to the hustle and bustle of the vertex, then because of the sudden capital into the cold trough. But the business street is the business street on the road in the two hundred meters, the sinister as, legendary wisdom, and that with the temptation and bitter words of "entrepreneurship", they are like a ghost, concomitant, hidden, wandering around. The Zhongguancun Venture Street south entrance, the big screen is very eye-catching. 06:30 coffee consumption garage regulars at half past six in the morning, garage coffee to start a new day. The waiter came here, the cafe on the light. A light filled the room, some people spend the night up from the sofa, or by the light they woke up, or was awakened by the sound of ground coffee. But around 7, most of the people who had spent the night were back to normal. They were not homeless, most people will consciously put the night sofa cushions tidy. The first batch of customers to have, most of them are regular customers, has been completely integrated into here. Some people put the cup in two similar to the bookcase in the lockers cafe. In the morning they came in, took out the computer and started the day. They’ll be here one day相关的主题文章: