Using a hair dryer to cook Hollywood popular snacks rely on

Using a hair dryer to cook a snack that hits Hollywood is all about it: if you don’t know what kale is, it’s probably because you’re too cool about food and gossip. Since this magical food has become the choice of Hollywood stars, it has been like an early avocado, sweeping across the dining table. Today, the editors share with you a kale chips, cooking rookie and don’t be afraid of 10 dollars, plus a hairdryer is enough! (source: YOKA fashion network) concerned about the public number "tune with tune", to see more wonderful original content! First of all, we have to spit out kale. For a long time, it was on the planet as an identity of landscape plants. Then, because of a nutritionist, kale suddenly caught fire in Hollywood, and many stars saw it as a new star of healthy eating. Even days later, Beyonce also loved it, even in his own MV "711" in the "kale" (kale) word T-shirt jump high to do not want to. However, the nutritional deficiency of kale is also very rich, and its calcium content is 10%, vitamin A1 33%, vitamin C1 34%, more eating loss is very useful for what! So, don’t waste your appetite and smell the potato chips, try this healthy snack! [raw materials] kale, olive oil, seasonings, 1. Wash kale, put it into the drain basin, and control the moisture as much as possible; 2. Prepare your hair dryer, adjust the high wind speed, unfold kale as much as possible, blow 2-3 minutes each; 3. Pick up the slightly dried kale leaves and cut the stem in the middle; 4. Add 12 tablespoons olive oil; 5. Mix olive oil and kale well; 6. Add some seasonings you like, such as salt or barbecue powder, depending on your preference, but don’t taste too heavy and not very good for the cardiovascular system. 7. Also, you need to stir, but the hand must be light, so the vegetable chips does not become a vegetable powder; 8. Find a baking tray, put cooking paper on it, then place kale on it, bake in a low oven for 10 minutes, and 9. Then take out the pan, change a cooking paper, place kale on it, bake for 10 minutes at low heat, and 10. That is, a healthy and popular kale flakes on the well.

用吹风机做饭 风靡好莱坞的减肥零食全靠它    导语:如果你还不知道羽衣甘蓝是什么,可能因为你对美食和八卦也是太过冷淡。自从这种神奇的食物成为好莱坞明星们的选择后,它就如同早前的牛油果一样,瞬间席卷餐桌。今天,编辑就跟你分享一道羽衣甘蓝脆片的做法,烹饪菜鸟也别怕,10块钱外加一台吹风机就够了!(来源:YOKA时尚网) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   首先,我们要“吐槽”一下羽衣甘蓝。在很长一段时间内,它都是作为景观植物的身份存在在这个星球上的。   然后,不知因为哪一位营养师,羽衣甘蓝突然在好莱坞就火了,很多明星都把它视为健康饮食的新秀。   就连天后碧昂斯也对它爱不释口,甚至还在自己的MV“711”里穿着“kale”(羽衣甘蓝)字样的T恤跳high到不要不要的。   不过,羽衣甘蓝的营养缺失也是非常之丰富,它的含钙率是10%,维生素A1 33%,维生素C1 34%,多吃缺失对什么非常有益!所以,别浪费胃口给闻一闻就长肉的薯片了,不妨试试这道健康零食吧!   [原料]羽衣甘蓝若干,橄榄油若干,调味料若干   [做法]   1。洗净羽衣甘蓝,放进沥水盆里,尽可能把水分控干;   2。准备好你的吹风机,调节至高风速,将羽衣甘蓝尽可能展开,每一片吹2-3分钟;   3。将稍作干燥的羽衣甘蓝叶片拿起,剪去中间那条茎;   4。加入1 2汤匙的橄榄油;   5。将橄榄油和羽衣甘蓝充分搅拌;   6。加入一些你喜欢的调味料,比如食盐或是烤肉粉,口味根据自己喜好而定,但是千万不要味道太重,对心血管不太好。   7。同样,你需要充分搅拌,但是手力一定要轻,这样蔬菜脆片才不会变成蔬菜粉末;   8。找一个烤盘,在上面铺上烹饪纸,然后将羽衣甘蓝放在上面,放入烤箱低火烘焙10分钟;   9。然后,取出烤盘,换一张烹饪纸,将羽衣甘蓝放置其上继续低火烘焙10分钟;   10。就是这样,一道健康又流行的羽衣甘蓝脆片就做好了。相关的主题文章: