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Home-Improvement You can consider bathroom renovations to spruce up the look of your bathing room. With renovation, you can increase the value of your house, whilst creating relaxing and .fortable environment for you and your family members. Let us discuss about some useful tips that can help you in brilliant bathroom renovations, without exceeding your budget limit:- 1. Fittings and fixtures – You can consider buying stylish fixtures like shower, sink, faucet, bathtub, etc. offered online. With these fixtures, you can give an elegant touch to your bathroom space. In case of sinks, you can opt for pedestal sinks, which creates more classic design for the bathing space, while cabi. vanity sinks are ideal for storage purpose. The durability of the fixtures should also be taken into consideration at the time of buying them for the renovation purpose. If you are concerned about your budget limit, then you can consider bathroom tiles in Melbourne or polished porcelain tiles offered at affordable rates or at significant discount. 2. Bathtub – Even though, it is not an important part of fixtures, but still it is very essential to consider it for the purpose of renovation. Always opt to choose a bathtub, which meets your needs and fits the available space. Market offers wide variety of bathtub styles available from porcelain bathtubs to bathtubs with jets. 3. Flooring It is very important to keep your bathroom flooring attractive and durable. You can make use of stone, ceramic or marble for flooring, as these materials are strong and durable. Moreover, these materials are available in different attractive designs and modern styles. Besides this, these materials are resistant to water and this adds to their durability factor. Hardwood flooring is not suitable for bathroom flooring. To homeowners, who are on a tight budget can choose linoleum flooring. This type of flooring is affordable and attractive too. 4. Mirrors – They are central design element of bathroom space. With designer mirrors, you can bring personal style to your bathroom space. 5. Lighting – It is very important to have good lighting in bathroom space. Dimmers would be an ideal option, which allows ample lighting over the kitchen sink and tap. 6. Let your style shine – For bathroom renovations, you can choose from wide range of stylish fixtures, mirrors, floorings and lighting offered online. These supplies will help you to create an ideal bathroom. In order to get more interesting ideas about polished porcelain tiles and bathroom tiles in Melbourne can surf various websites and portals. Thus, in this way you can read several interesting ideas presented online for renovation purpose. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: