U.S. media suspected that a few decades ago has begun planning Turkey coup-lara fabian

U.S. media: suspected people decades ago began planning a coup in Turkey original title: U.S. media depth analysis of the coup in Turkey: fuse decades ago buried core tip: Turkey’s president rejep Tayyip Erdogan · · El accused Guellen orchestrated the coup, while Guellen nationalists have extensive influence in Turkey, news media and police school. Reference News Network August 26 news media said, Turkey investigators will be the attempted coup known as the ultimate plot a long lasting. According to The Associated Press on August 15th, said in 1986, Turkey military expelled dozens of military cadets. These people suspected of being loyal to a man named Fred hu la · Guellen young clerics. The man was considered likely to pose a threat to Turkey strict secular rule. A magazine reported that officials said a so-called recruiter told the students that they would try to get into the army and wait for decades to come. Time flies, 30 years later in July 15th, rebel officers staged a coup and eventually ended in failure, and the president of Turkey rejep Tayyip · · El’s accusation Guellen orchestrated the coup. Now living in the United States of Pennsylvania Guellen firmly denied in connection with the coup, but as the rising tide emerging allegations are shaken up as the Guellen moderate Islamic movement image, reveals that this is a plot to seize power in Turkey in disguise, and dozens of years ago in order to penetrate into the Turkey state organs and the effort is part of. In 1970s, Turkey by a military backed secular government management, Guellen group looks like a traditional religious movement, through constructing homes by the school and the sound network attract young middle class to join. Guellen associated with the Islamic mysticism, he will combine these 2 concepts of tolerance and kindness and Turkey patriotism. His group, known as the "support services movement", raises money through donations from individuals and businesses. In the early 90s of last century, the group expanded to other countries through the network constructed by the school, and set up an international image that advocates the harmonious coexistence among different faiths. At first, the movement’s benevolent ideas led its followers to avoid the worst persecution of secular rulers in Turkey. But with the expansion of the movement, the government has begun to examine the movement with a skeptical eye. Officials in Turkey have accused the group of regulators, known as "brothers", to help their followers cheat in exams to get government posts. According to the Turkey national police have been investigating the group’s former director Hanefi · Afuji said, once these people get jobs, they will work together to seek "promotion, mutual protection, eliminate alien". The power base of the Group continues to expand, has extensive influence in the world and the police school, news media, and Turkey official started the movement to suppress, such as in 1986 in the cadets)相关的主题文章: