U.S. media Hilary has called to admit defeat Trump-darren hayes

U.S. media: Hilary has been called to admit defeat, according to foreign media reports, local time on November 8th at about 8 in the morning, the U.S. Democratic Party candidate Hilary went to the polls to vote for himself. It is reported that former U.S. President Clinton also accompanied by Hilary, appeared in New York, (Chappaqua) polling station. Original title: CNN: Hilary has telephoned Trump admitted in the US presidential election defeat in new network on 9 November, according to the U.S. cable television (CNN) reported that the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton has called the Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump, conceded defeat. Prior to this, Hilary’s campaign manager has said that Mr Hilary will not be elected in the election night speech. He said that the vote count continues, supporters should go home to sleep. "". That defeat, the billing process Hilary tweets sent according to the British newspaper the independent website reported that the Democratic candidate Hilary on the social networking site twitter released by embrace a photo of the girl, between the lines has revealed the defeated intend to do. "There are a lot of places to be proud of," said Hilary, writing at the post, and said, "no matter what happens tonight, thank you for everything." Hilary earlier said: I hope we can make friends with Trump in the broadcast local 8 radio interview, Hilary expressed the hope that in this brutal campaign ended, he and Trump to return to a friendly state. Trump called Hilary a "liar Hilary" before, the relationship between two people who are very friendly, Hilary couple also participated in the 2005 Trump and his current wife Rania Mei’s wedding. Asked the radio show "morning magic" host to Hilary Te: "the two of you can say it, can do, do you think you may also restore friendly relations?" "I hope so," replied Hilary, "but I have to say, New York with many of the same people who know Trump, we are all on his activities in this election surprised some of the words and deeds, or to say, we know that he has such a." She also pointed out that his daughter Chelsea is the daughter of Trump trump "good friend". Hilary said: "I hope that after the election, all Americans can unite. We cannot tolerate different groups in the United States people discredit each other’s behavior."相关的主题文章: